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Dylan Lamrock
REALTOR®, Associate

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Not far from here, just a few minutes down the road in fact, I grew up in a small, quaint, family-friendly town, by the name of ‘Leduc’. Back then, when Edmonton hadn’t expanded quite as quickly as it has today, we felt a world away from the ‘Big City’. Growing up, in a tight-knit community, such as I did, our family was very close and such a big support system for me. I was raised primarily by my grandparents from the age of 13 on when health issues affected both of my parents. I was so lucky to have had the support of my grandparents back then and we are still exceptionally close to this day.

Growing up in a multigenerational family, I inherited priceless values from both my parents and especially my grandparents, about the meaning of hard work, dedication and giving back. As I got older, these learned traits only sparked a fire in me, to not just be successful, but more importantly, a well-rounded individual in all areas of my life.

When I was 17 I left home and headed for the ‘Big City’; where I attended the University of Alberta. Initially, I had aspirations of becoming a dentist, but after my first year, I found that my true love of study, was for philosophy and military history. So, I switched majors and pursued something that I was really passionate about.

Shortly after University, I got a job as an Insurance Contents Evaluator. Though it was a great learning experience, like school, I began to contemplate switching majors, or rather careers, to something more in line with my passions. I was ready to sell my first property, shortly after leaving school. I had enjoyed the buying and selling process so much, that I thought this might be my calling. Perhaps helping other people navigate the buying process, might be a better use of my skills, than helping frustrated homeowners catalogue damages to their personal property, from accidents such as fires.

Making the switch to Residential Real Estate, gave me the confidence and happiness that I was in search of; I enjoyed building positive, lasting relationships, with people that were excited, like I was, at the prospect of buying their first home. Being able to demystify the buying process for first-time buyers, is something that I’m good at and I enjoy sharing this knowledge to help others realize their dreams.

When not building relationships with new and returning clients, I love to study mixed martial arts. Specifically, I like to focus on Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Muay Thai at Kingdom MMA. I also coach Jiu Jitsu there twice a week, both as a way to give back to the gym, and also to deepen my own understanding of the techniques.

Perhaps the greatest use of my time and an homage to both my grandparents teaching and my parents’ hard work are the charities that I support benefiting cancer research. If you catch me with a freshly shaved head or sporting a terrible moustache; I promise that it’s not a bad fashion statement, it is likely to raise funds and awareness for various cancer charities. The group most near and dear to my heart would have to be the Underwear Affair. I lost my mother to cervical cancer, and the Underwear Affair is a charity that positively gives back people and families that were affected like mine.

I’d love to help you Love where you Liv, in South and West Edmonton, Leduc and Beaumont.

Q&A With Dylan Lamrock, REALTOR®, Associate with Liv Real Estate

What’s your dream vacation?

It has always been my dream to live and train in Thailand for 6-12 months. World class training, some of the best beaches on the planet, and immersing myself in the Thai culture would be amazing.

What’s your favourite restaurant in Edmonton?

Original Joe’s. My reason for this is simple: Large portions.

If you could shop for free forever at any store, what store would it be?

I am somewhat of a tech junkie, so I would have to say BestBuy.

What’s your favourite quote?

Don’t look back, you’re not going that way -unknown

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I always liked professor X comics so I would go with telekinetic powers, that way I could manipulate both my own mind and body as well as those around me.


As a first time homebuyer I had many questions about the home buying process. Dylan Lamrock provided valuable knowledge and answered all my questions. I definitely recommend Dylan to anyone looking to purchase a home.
Ashley, Spruce Grove, left feedback 1 months ago
An absolute professional.
Ashley and Kenny Santos, left feedback 3 months ago
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