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Originally known as K.W. Johnston Real Estate, our company was founded in 1975 by Ken Johnston, as a small family owned and operated real estate firm. By 1985 the brokerage had grown to become one of the largest independent real estate brokerages in Edmonton.

In 1993, headed by Ken’s son Sheldon Johnston, the firm joined an international franchise, a relationship that lasted nearly 20 years. In 2005, Sara MacLennan joined the team to establish the brokerage’s online marketing, and is now the marketing director of the brokerage. In 2012, the franchised brand was no longer a good fit for the personality of the brokerage. So, Sheldon and Sara repositioned the firm, developed its brand strategy, and created its new identity: Liv Real Estate®.

Liv Real Estate® Agents

(780) 441-5576
Real estate was not always my dream – originally the plan was to go to law school. But… my parents owned a real estate brokerage, and my dad asked if I would help him out for a bit when I finished high school – I wasn’t interested. Then he said: “you probably couldn’t pass... Read More
(780) 318-3674
I’m a REALTOR®, but I’ve never sold a house.
As Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Liv Real Estate, I provide our agents with the right tools to excel at selling real estate. I make our Brokerage easy to find do business with.
With over 15 years of Corporate Level and... Read More
(587) 984-1843
Born and raised in Devon, Alberta; I am a small-town girl at heart! I was raised in a big, loving family; the youngest of four siblings, with more cousins than I could count! My Mother’s core mantra growing up ~ “no one ever goes poor from giving” ~ was instilled in me at a... Read More
(780) 953-8260
Born and raised in Leduc (aka “The Outdoor Experience), I have somersaulted, front-tucked and cartwheeled my way around the world and back… and I am proud to have firmly ‘stuck’ my ‘landing’ here in beautiful Leduc. Having lived on Edmonton’s front doorsteps for most of my... Read More
(780) 298-4398
I grew up in both Edmonton and Calgary, and am a true bipartisan with regards to the age old North Vs. South rivalry. I have benefited immensely, both personally and professionally, from growing up in two world-class, economic powerhouse cities. If you’re coming or going... Read More
(780) 719-5777
Born and raised in Alberta, I am an Alberta girl through and through. From the Rocky Mountains to the top of the province there is so much hidden beauty to discover, right here at home.

I am a proud Mother of 4 wonderful kids. I understand that in order to keep moving... Read More
(780) 916-6490
I originally came to Edmonton to train for the Olympics as a Danish figure skater, and chose to make Edmonton my home. After the Olympics, I attended the Copenhagen School of Business as well as MacEwan University, got married and travelled the world with "Disney On Ice." I... Read More
(780) 619-0812
I was born in Montreal, but I made the long trek across country with my parents and our cat Puffball in a green Volkswagen Beetle at the tender age of 3 months. I do consider myself a true Edmontonian however as I have lived here ever since. I currently live in the city... Read More
(780) 707-2673
I grew up in Edmonton with a family that was involved in residential real estate and the construction business. By the age of 14, I was looking after several investment properties owned by my parents. After high school, I had the privilege to travel and see various parts of... Read More
(780) 233-7283
Is it possible to sell your home or buy your dream one, for the best amount, without understanding Market Value?
Selling and Buying isn’t always just about numbers, it’s also about emotions, your perspective (adequate marketing and proper visibility) and overall timing;... Read More
(780) 906-0188
Born and raised on the Southside of Edmonton, I am the youngest of 3 girls and arguably the ‘quiet one’ in our Family! Seeing as I was the shy one, my older sister encouraged me to pursue my first post-secondary job in sales; which she saw to be a big step outside of my... Read More
(780) 233-5060
When I learned that Liv Real Estate recognizes their Real Estate Agents for excellence in service, not sales, I knew in my heart that this was the Professional Home that I had been searching for.
Liv Real Estate is a place where my kindness, hard work, passion for business... Read More
(780) 221-3088
I’ve lived in Edmonton, AB, for most of my life. I briefly lived in White Rock BC, but moved back to Edmonton as this is where my roots are. The coast still has a special place in my heart and I try to visit it as much as possible.

I’ve spent time in the sales and... Read More
(403) 973-3171
Hello! My name is Cynthia and though Calgary is my current home, I originally come from a place that is the polar opposite of everything this fine city is known for.
My upbringing in balmy, sun-drenched Ecuador, where snow was not a word in my vocabulary, was filled with... Read More
(780) 263-4777
Perspective is everything; I love helping my clients understand the difference between a good house and a great home. After 10 years managing a tech-based business in the residential construction industry, I know that my perspective is unique. The vast amount of acquired... Read More
(780) 953-9049
Born and raised in this beautiful City, and having raised a family of my own, I am a firm believer that we live in the “Heartland of Opportunity”. I understand why so many people flock to our City in search of a better life; I have seen first-hand, you can find whatever... Read More
(780) 394-0591
“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.” – Roy T. Bennett
“The best investment on earth is Real Estate.”
I have called Edmonton Home since 2007; a place that I am so proud to live in, grow with, and invest... Read More
(780) 850-0929
I spent the first two years of my life in Edmonton before I began a travelling. The travel bug was implanted in me at an early age throughout my childhood, my parents worked and studied across Canada and overseas, so we were always on the move. When I was 15, I moved with... Read More
(587) 988-0312
Do you know the story of Sylvester Stallone? He had next to nothing and created an endearing story of the underdog, better known as Rocky. The rest for Sylvester has been history.
I think everyone has a Rocky story, overcoming adversity, and accomplishing the remarkable in... Read More
(780) 515-1566
Growing up, in a quiet place, about an hour outside of Edmonton, my small town roots have always provided me with a strong sense of Community throughout my life. Summers in the Country, spent with family, often included boating, fishing, camping and racing laps around our... Read More
(780) 850-2822
Born and raised in Edmonton, I studied at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), where I completed my electrical apprenticeship, built relationships, and excelled in many electrical work areas. What I enjoyed most about my decade of working in electrical... Read More
(780) 991-0367
They say that the best things come in 3; I am the oldest of 3 siblings, a mother to 3 energetic boys and have settled into our 3rd and final city to call home. My husband and I met and married in the Calgary Area. We then spent the next 18 years of our life in small-town... Read More
(780) 271-4663
As far back as I can remember I have been in love with real estate. This love stems from my early years, when I spent my summers at my grandparent’s farm. As a kid, milking cows and riding tractors was the coolest, but my time on “the farm” instilled something deeper also.... Read More
(780) 966-6176
With an abundance of people moving to Edmonton in recent years, for career opportunities, family or the thrill of a new adventure in World Class City; I have personally had the privilege of spending my entire life here.
I’m the oldest of 7 children, that’s right 7; lucky... Read More
(780) 504-5587
Raised a Scotian girl, making Alberta home back in 2014. I truly never knew how much I would miss being by the ocean; pure bliss. At a young age, I pursued the legal industry and as exciting as contracts can be, it was far from the right fit. With Real Estate, I wake up... Read More
(780) 242-6941
Growing up and spending my entire life in Edmonton, I always used to dream of moving to either California or Miami for their warm climate and exciting entertainment options.  My desire to be somewhere else, however, started to diminish as I grew older and Edmonton began to... Read More
(587) 205-5888
While buying or selling your home is known to be one of the most stressful milestones most will cross in their lives...I also think it should be fun. The experience of taking a walk in interesting homes, or contemplating the possibilities after selling your home are... Read More
(780) 242-5666
It’s true what the say “Home Is where the heart is”; for me, Home is also where the greatest opportunities are! Born and raised in Edmonton and a life-long resident, I’ve known all along what many others have come to find when they move here later on; the potential is... Read More
(780) 668-1064
Growing up, our family moved a lot. My parents got married in the Yukon Territories and before long, we moved to BC. Over the course of my life, I have lived in Okotoks, Cayley, High River, Nanton, Calgary, Airdrie, and Edmonton. My life was always full of new adventures... Read More
(780) 887-8548
Morgan Freeman once said:

“I can say that life is good to me, has been, and is good. So I think my task is to be good to it. So how do you be good to life? You live it.”

Wise words from a very wise man, words that ring true in my own life. My life is good, and I aim... Read More
Small town Saskatchewan girl with a zest for life. I grew up with a sporty edge always involved in competitive sport. I spent endless hours in the gym as an artistic gymnast. This is where my drive for excellence originated. Competitive sport has taught me the importance of... Read More
(780) 975-9190
Born and raised in Edmonton, and a die-hard hockey enthusiast all my life, I am equally as passionate about this unique City. It’s such a great place to raise a family – your family. Having grown up on a small farm just outside of the City, I always felt that I had the best... Read More
(780) 935-1146

“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” Douglas Adams

Throughout my career, from a Technological Consulting Company to a Vacation Exchange Broker, my focus was always on customer... Read More
(780) 236-4222
Buying a home can be such an exciting time; it’s the opportunity to picture what your next Chapter of life might look like! Purchasing a Home often means buying some tangible piece of your future! A Home is the physical backdrop for where you are going to make some of... Read More
(780) 935-2480
How far away is your future dream home? Perhaps you could end up finding it, with my help, just ten minutes down the road from where you currently reside. Sometimes our next step in life is closer than we think. Ten years ago and 7500 km’s away, when I was living in the... Read More
(780) 722-0086
I grew up in a family that lived and breathed real estate, but my upbringing was in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. I remember sitting at my grandparents’ table after supper, listening to my grandfather on the phone negotiating sales of waterfront acreages with buyers... Read More
(780) 446-7750
From small town living in Stony Plain, to the Alberta Winter Games, to investor, to CPA, up the Corporate Ladder, and now into the vast world of Residential Real Estate; my lifelong love affair with Curling has reminded me that life’s journey isn’t always one smooth,... Read More
(780) 938-8599
During the past decade, I have worked as a Broker, as well as a Real Estate Agent, and I can honestly say I can’t imagine doing anything else. To this day, finding a client’s dream home gives me immense joy and satisfaction. I love to foster great relationships with people.... Read More
(780) 233-7424
Born and raised in Edmonton, I took every chance possible to enjoy sports. Anything from walking to the outdoor hockey rink after school, riding bikes through the river valley and any type of competitive sport. Now, I enjoy playing touch football, golfing, tennis and... Read More
(587) 385-9600
Life has an interesting way of throwing curveballs at you; I was born in Calgary, raised in Coastal BC and honestly never thought I would find myself back in Alberta.

I’ve come to enjoy Edmonton, as an adult, and all of its’ charms; I am nothing if not adaptable! 
My... Read More
(780) 951-1784
I LOVE to shop! This may sound ‘cliche’ but it actually takes a lot of patience, research and foresight to be good at shopping. I’m so good in fact, that I have parlayed these skills into helping others, through a career dedicated to looking out for my clients' best... Read More
(587) 501-9609
I was born & raised in Nova Scotia and ventured to Alberta when I was 20 and have been here ever since planting roots and growing my family- Me & my three small humans! After working in a family-owned business in elderly care homes my whole life I knew I wanted... Read More
(780) 707-2664
Cue Fresh Prince Music…
Now this a story all above howTameka’s life got turned upside downI’d like to take a minute just sit right thereI’ll tell you all about my real estate love affair.
In a little known E-town born and raisedIn M.E Lazerte School is where I spent most... Read More
(780) 966-2029
Born and raised in Edmonton, I have a huge love for this city. Growing up, the only place you could find me was on the basketball courts. Playing sports as a kid created some amazing opportunities, which included travelling all over North America, playing with the most... Read More
(780) 221-4489
“Love Where You Liv” is so much more than our Company catchphrase; it’s something that I truly hope to help others achieve because everyone deserves to find their best selves in where they live. I've lived everywhere from Saskatchewan to the Gulf of Mexico, before finally... Read More
(780) 952-7927
Born in Southern Belgium, I am married to a Burundian, a proud mother of three, fluent in French and English and familiar with the cultural and housing needs of Edmonton families.  My passion includes the love of architecture and design. Because of that, I am able to give... Read More
(587) 879-3009
I’ve lived in many places and have learned to value the importance of community and heritage. I find so much joy helping my clients find the perfect place to call home. Whether you’re born in Canada or new to it all, like I once was, we are all looking for the same thing:... Read More
(780) 966-6575
Born and raised in North Edmonton, I have always had a strong business mindset with a focus on customer service and a passion for building relationships. I started off in management in the hospitality industry, then went on to own and operate my own restaurant, where I was... Read More
In Our Clients Words

Great group of people who are truly professional, very knowledgeable about real estate with very high service and ethical standards. Our clients are always well taken care of when we refer them to Liv.

‐ Gord McCallum Read More