Christopher Beauchamp, REALTOR®, Associate

My entire life has been an unofficial study in what it takes to become an “Expert”.  Technology has moved our lives along, at breakneck speeds, where attention spans have never been shorter.  Growing up in Northern Manitoba, the 3rd of 4 children, I can appreciate now how much my idyllic childhood shaped my appreciation for characteristics like patience, hard work and honing one’s skill set!  

Growing up, we would spend the Summers at the Lake, in a log Cabin, that my Father and Grandfather had built. They harvested the trees during the Winter from an Island about a kilometer away and dragged them back over the frozen Lake.  In the Spring, the trees were peeled and cut to size before the structure was assembled.  There was no road, so everything had to be walked in or carried by boat.  A chimney, made of concrete and local stones, was all that stood, after our Cabin was hit by fire.  

In my teenage years, my entire family pooled our time, energy and skills to rebuild our family Home after the fire; just with a more modern twist!  This time, we incorporated a road, electricity and plumbing into the build.  Our new Home was a poetic ode to the grand simplicity of my childhood and the natural beauty of our old log Cabin!  Being in nature, even today, still fills me with a sense of wonder and excitement, for what it’s possible to create from nothing; just like our picturesque log Cabin!  

An Honours Degree, in Philosophy, from the University of Victoria, gave me an even deeper appreciation how much more vast and beautiful this World of ours is.  The World really is a sandbox for those who fashion themselves lifelong learners!  I understand now, how being an expert, in anything, is such an admirable undertaking; log cabin making, Real Estate, etc.  Marshall McLuhan said, “a successful book cannot afford to be more than ten percent new.”  You take the basics of what you know and push the limits of what you can create; a log cabin, a new Home, a successful and profitable Real Estate portfolio.  

Prior to being a Real Estate Expert, I worked in Legal Administration and Office Management.  I learned there that doing redundant daily procedural tasks didn't dilute my curiosity, but was merely a whetstone upon which to sharpen my skills.  Mastering simple repetitive skills is an often overlooked aspect in creating a well-oiled machine!  Accepting the role of a lifelong Student, above all else, in every situation that I encounter, has sparked my thirst for learning more.  I’m excited to show you how my skills and expertise in Real Estate can help you make an otherwise stressful situation run smoother than you’ve ever imagined!  

I Liv for adventure; to explore, learn, and create.

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