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Kaelyn Kowalchuk
REALTOR®, Associate
Kaelyn Kowalchuk
Office: Edmonton Office
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Client Ratings Kaelyn Kowalchuk has been rated by 27 clients.

  • Satisfaction: 96%
  • Recommendation: 98%
  • Performance: 99%

Growing up, our family moved a lot. My parents got married in the Yukon Territories and before long, we moved to BC. Over the course of my life, I have lived in Okotoks, Cayley, High River, Nanton, Calgary, Airdrie, and Edmonton. My life was always full of new adventures and I learned how to adapt to new situations pretty quickly. I also learned a lot about moving!

One of my deepest passions is giving back and helping others. When I was young, I saved up all my money from chores and rescued a dog. We rescued many dogs and cats throughout our childhood years, and my current babies Alice and Maggie were rescued from the farm and the streets of my community. 

When I moved to Brintnell (where I now live) in Northeast Edmonton, I decided to become involved in our community league. After serving as a neighbourhood rep I became the community league president. With the help of our amazing board members, we are taking the north by storm! Over 600 people attend some of our local events. I love our community.

I also enjoy playing and coaching soccer. Seeing smiles on children's faces makes the countless hours spent behind the scenes organizing events, running the league, and creating sports drills for my teams worth it. I'm filled with gratitude when I hear a child say: “Mom! The Easter Bunny did not forget about me!” Or “Coach K, did you see that? I almost got a goal?!” I know that everything we do in our community makes a difference. You never know what someone is going through, so always choose to be kind.

My favourite part about working in Real Estate is the opportunity to learn something new every day. I get to meet so many amazing people and learn about their passions, hobbies, lives, and cultures. I get to experience different lifestyles and try new foods! I get to learn something new about houses, neighbourhoods, city plans, and more.

Every day is a story. Every day is a memory. I view life as a blessing. Every day I wake up knowing that it is a new day to help someone. You will always see me smiling, laughing, and joking around. There is a time to be serious, but 99% of the time should be fun!

I Liv: to make every day the best day!

If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
Jim Halpert and Dwight Shrute

If you could personally witness one event in history, what would it be?
Dinosaurs! It would be so cool to see what they went through, and the formation of our continents.

If you could shop for free forever at any store, what store would it be?
Buff Bunny

What's your favourite quote?
"It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”


"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

? Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass


I did not engage the services of Liv Real Estate myself, rather, they were the agent of the seller but after speaking with Kaelyn Kowalchuk I asked her to facilitate the sale on my behalf as well. I strongly recommend the services of Kaelyn if you are interested in selling your residence. She is very knowledgeable about her profession and is quite compassionate when it comes to the needs of her clients and even those that are not necessarily her clients. As I had previously stated, I did not initially engage Kaelyn's services but she went above and beyond to help facilitate the completion of the sale of the unit for me and the seller. She even remember my love of funky socks and gave me a gift basket with a number of funky socks she personally ordered online for me. I tried to contact a number of home inspectors and was unsuccessful in getting a return call let alone an inspection done. I expressed this to Kaelyn and she was able to get me set up with a qualified inspector who did the home inspection right away.
Theo A. De Leon, left feedback 2 months ago
Kaelyn is truly a gem in the real estate field. Genuine, straight forward and makes the whole process so so easy. I have told so many folks about Kaelyn because she's amazeballs!!!
Cat V, left feedback 2 months ago
Kaelyn Kowalchuk is a true professional and so lovely to work with and be around. I trust her fully and would definitely hire her in the future if I moved again. She was available whenever I had questions and adapted well to my schedule. Thank you so much Kaelyn!
Tara Carter, left feedback 4 months ago
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Have worked with Liv Real Estate® for over 7 years. They are a great team to work with. They are are very thorough, insightful and professional in everything they do. They get all my business as I am impressed with their service, both before & after the sale has been completed. Liv Real Estate® has now become an integral part of my team. I recommend them to all my friends.

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