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Donald Brown
REALTOR®, Associate

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Do you know the story of Sylvester Stallone? He had next to nothing and created an endearing story of the underdog, better known as Rocky. The rest for Sylvester has been history.

I think everyone has a Rocky story, overcoming adversity, and accomplishing the remarkable in their own way. Buying and selling a home can be challenging, scary, and frustrating. Having a good agent can be the difference between having enjoyable success, or painstakingly stressful failure, or somewhere in mediocrity in-between.

I once thought that being a real estate agent was the equivalent of a used car salesman. This coming
from a guy who once worked his way through University as a janitor, I was inclined to pass on the first opportunity to have anything to do with the profession. As it turns out, some agents are remarkable at what they do, their tenure, experience, emotional maturity, work ethic, and attitude make them invaluable, and the people they serve love the results they get from their agent’s success. Thanks to a little luck and the influence of my peers in the business, this has been my experience.

Growing up in Oil Alberta, in a blue-collar family, I learned how to work on the site of a service rig. Luckily, for me and the oil industry, after five years I found myself back in school, where I was a bit more at home and ready to put in the work required to succeed academically.

Academics forced me to change my thinking from hours, position, and income, to learning. Learning turned into a love, and having thrived in two very different worlds, I learned that success comes from serving others, in whatever capacity, and an attitude of service is the earmark of human accomplishment.

I overheard a lecturer once say: “When a door opens, I walk through it, and hence I have experienced a wonderful life,” and it sums up the way I look at life. This takes guts! For the past several years, Real Estate has been in front of me, from academics, to commercial valuation, to residential negotiation. It provides me with a fulfilling career in which I can serve others and create value for my family. 

How I Liv

What would you do if you won the lottery?
I would spend some of my free time trying odd jobs! Maybe six months at a casino, and then a year as a development superintendent assistant so I could learn some basics of building my own home with my own hands.

Favorite Restaurant in the City?
Our family favourite is The Lingnan. The Peach Shrimp and Lemon Chicken Canton are amazing! It helps they do much of their menu Gluten Free as well as my partner is Celiac.

Do you like sports?
I'm an Oilers fan from childhood, and an Eskimos fan by association (my partner is a nut). I Dragon Boat in the summers (I imagine reading this is like a Jamaican telling his peers he is a bobsledder!).


The most important deciding factor for choosing Don Brown was his accommodating and welcoming attitude, plus the knowledge he has on purchasing a home. Don Brown was really knowledgeable in every aspect of buying a house. He helped and guided us in finding the right house that fits our requirements and within our budget. Don was really easy going and pleasant to work with. As a first time home buyer we had a lot hesitations, fears and questions but he was really patient and explained to us very clearly. We had a good experience with Don Brown and would definitely recommend to my ffriends.
albert & polvie, trumpeter, left feedback 0 months ago
Don was extremely personable, relatable and honest during our interactions. A must in building a trusting relationship in dealing with such a life changing, financial transaction. Don had two different offers on our home the same day we listed. We ended up taking one of the offers for more than our listing price! Don went well above and beyond our expectations regarding the sale of our house. Don was always available to us. He was quick to return all calls and texts. Don's easy going personality, professionalism and hard work made all dealings regarding the sale of our house go smoothly and easily. Our entire experience with Don Brown and Liv Real Estate went above our expectations. My husband and I would, and have recommended Don Brown to family and friends looking to buy or sell a house.
Tammie Brinson, Spruce Grove, left feedback 0 months ago
Professional and well mannered. He will put your needs first. I vouch for him in that his excellent recommendations and friendly demeanour will help you find the right home.
Hao Guo, Edmonton, left feedback 0 months ago
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My husband and I really loved to work with Liv Real Estate, specially with Beverley Hasinoff. She was so candid, looking out for what we wanted, diligent and so helpful in helping us understand all the process as first homeowners. They really follow through and make sure everything is in place. I absolutely recommend them. This is a really professional team.

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