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Deidre Harrison
REALTOR®, Associate
Deidre Harrison
Office: Edmonton Office
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Client Ratings Deidre Harrison has been rated by 203 clients.

  • Satisfaction: 96%
  • Recommendation: 98%
  • Performance: 99%

I spent the first two years of my life in Edmonton before I began a travelling. The travel bug was implanted in me at an early age throughout my childhood, my parents worked and studied across Canada and overseas, so we were always on the move. When I was 15, I moved with my Mom to Rome, where I did my International Baccalaureate, and spent 3 glorious years learning new languages, art and culture. I spent summers in Sorana, an Etruscan hilltop town in Tuscany populated by artisans. I studied ceramics, hiked and practised Italian with some of the most amazing people on this earth.

At the University of Victoria, I continued to pursue languages — English Literature, French, Spanish, Italian. Communication has always been very important to me and the idea of being able to travel almost anywhere and speak the local language drove my studies.

When my studies ended, I worked as a legal assistant in my father’s busy family law firm in Victoria. In addition to his law firm, my father owns a real-estate company in Edmonton, and while helping him with this part of his business I found I preferred it to the legal profession, so I left the law firm and set out to work my way up in the real estate industry. (Life is too short to do anything other than what you are passionate about!) I worked for Homes by Avi for about a year, starting as a hostess and working my way up to a Sales Associate. I decided that I wanted to take the next step and get licensed.

In my spare time, I travel. My Mom works for the UN in Nairobi, and I like spending time with her, connecting with my little brother, exploring East Africa, volunteering, and spending time with the artists and art collectors that I’ve linked up with there. I enjoy cooking all different kinds of food from different places of the world and creating art pieces inspired by my travels.

I feel so grateful for all of my experiences that have led me to this point in my life. I could not be more excited to Liv everyday to the fullest!


Deidre is a very helpful and courteous realtor, understanding social-economical all needs of us. We are very satisfied.
Nasir Rizvi Uzma Nasir Hussain, left feedback 1 months ago
We interviewed 5 different realtors, including one recommended to us from a family member. We selected Deidre (who was not a personal recommendation) based on multiple factors: She indicated extensive experience from managing a high number of transactions per year, which we used to assess the capability of each realtor we interviewed She allayed our concerns about being able to give us appropriate attention with doing so many transactions per year She was never evasive about any of the questions that we asked She had a great personality and was immediately likeable and enthusiastic Multiple great reviews from other people online She tailored her communication style to our preferences We had a great experience with Deidre and would absolutely recommend her to anyone in need of a realtor.
Brandyn Baranitsky, Edmonton, left feedback 1 months ago
It was very easy to select Deidre Harrison not only because of the recommendation from another client, but because of her immediate response to our text and her willingness to help us out going above and beyond what we had experienced with other real estate agents. This was a very smooth, supported transaction. We were directed to quality assessors, legal advice, painters, and a very precise "what to do next" list which really helped as we are out of town.
Michelle Leroux, St. Paul, left feedback 1 months ago
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Have worked with Liv Real Estate® for over 7 years. They are a great team to work with. They are are very thorough, insightful and professional in everything they do. They get all my business as I am impressed with their service, both before & after the sale has been completed. Liv Real Estate® has now become an integral part of my team. I recommend them to all my friends.

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