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Debbie Theiss
REALTOR®, Associate

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Born and raised in this beautiful City, and having raised a family of my own, I am a firm believer that we live in the “Heartland of Opportunity”. I understand why so many people flock to our City in search of a better life; I have seen first-hand, you can find whatever you’re looking for here!

In my personal life, I have been married for 27 years and am the proud Mother to two very outgoing and thoughtful kids. Part of what has kept our family close and something that we enjoy doing immensely together is playing music! I absolutely love blues music in particular and have been playing the bass guitar for many years.

I feel that two of my greatest attributes are my ability to listen and my desire to be engaged in what is going on around me; I love meeting new people and am fascinated by other’s stories. Listening and being open-minded is the key to everything for me… personal, family, business and life.

For our 25th Wedding Anniversary, I surprised my husband and I rented a beautiful Harley Davidson; we went on a spontaneous bike trip like we enjoyed before we had kids. It brought back so many wonderful memories that I had from years ago when we took longer trips together and I saw the Rocky Mountains, Vancouver and many of the States, from the back of our bike.

Making the best of a day, an afternoon or a moment is what makes life special; stop to smell the roses and enjoy the view as much as you can! I understand that Edmonton may not be for everyone. Some people have spent their entire lives here (myself included), some people just come for work or for a fresh start. Whatever your reason for finding yourself in Edmonton, I know that there is so much to experience and enjoy here if you are open to it!

I would be very happy to help you find ‘your best Edmonton’, as it is different for everyone, depending on your priorities! Whether your focus is on finding a great school for your kids, work opportunities or the desire to be part of an up and coming, colourful Community, I have the ear to hear your needs and the life and professional experience to help make your vision a reality!

Q&A With Debbie Theiss, REALTOR®, Associate with Liv Real Estate

If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Princess Di…loved her beautiful disposition.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Lottery…have fun with crazy ways to bless the unfortunate….like buy a pile of grocery’s leave on doorstep ring door bell and run like a mad woman!

What’s your favourite restaurant?

BUL-GO-GI HOUSE love Koran food!

What’s your dream vacation?


If you could shop in one store forever for free, what store would it be?

Macey’s ..I just really like that store!

What’s your favourite quote?

“Never Never Never give up” Sir Winston Churchill.

If you could be a character in a book or movie, who would you be?

Sherlock Holmes


Debbie was absolutely wonderful and very helpful throughout the process of buying our house My wife and I were looking for our future home for about 3 months; Debbie was there with us the entire time. She is very time punctual and dedicated her time to help us. We visited the house multiple times before we made our decision to put an offer and Debbie had no issue booking our viewing, she was patient with us, and our 2 year old daughter loves Debbie very much as she would take her and play with her while myself and my wife were going through details of the house. Debbie made our house buying experience pleasant; she negotiated for us and got us best deal on our house well below asking price. Definitely would recommend Debbie to any friends looking to buy a home.
Eric& Justa, Edmonton, left feedback 2 months ago
Debbie made herself available pretty much at all times and was always on the ball to set up showings for me. I had no idea what I was looking at, at first - didn't know how to tell whether electrical was up to date, whether furnace/hot water tank/etc were newer or older, the condition of the foundation, newer shingles, etc (very important information for the price range I was looking at, as it was all older houses in older neighborhoods). Debbie was always able to spot when things were older and point them out to me, so I always very quickly knew whether a house was going to need work or not, and approx how much work it would need - and at times it saved us time, as certain homes we knew would need way too much work and so would either not spend much time in, or would skip seeing altogether. She very patiently walked me through the entire process of putting an offer in and was able to gently guide me with advice while still allowing me to call the shots. For the first house I put an offer in on she actually did some of the work while on her vacation, which to me is above and beyond the call of duty. For the house I ultimately purchased, she did a lot of behind the scenes negotiating for me to get me the best deal I could get (in terms of what the seller was willing to bend on). Her advice was always appreciated, and I never felt like she was telling me what I should do, moreso just providing information and letting me decide. Debbie made the whole house buying experience feel smooth and positive, rather than just stressful and frustrating. It was a treat to look at houses with her. I felt like she was as excited as I was to finally purchase my home, and she was as enthusiastic about it as I was. I'm almost a bit sad it's over because we were in contact so much she started to feel like a friend and not just a realtor! I will absolutely recommend her in the future to everyone I know who is looking for a realtor, especially first time home buyers like myself, as it's a confusing and long process and she made it so much easier. I also appreciated the 'starter kit' she gave me on possession day - not at all necessary, but very sweet and helpful in the end!
Ashton Connolley, McCauley, Edmonton, left feedback 2 months ago
Very thankful to have ended up with Debbie Theiss as our realtor! She is awesome! She took the time to explain each step and sent us helpful resources. As first time home buyers this really made the experience a lot better and easier! I would recommend Debbie because she is very caring, helpful, and looks out for her clients best interest!
Abigail, Sherwood park, left feedback 3 months ago
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