Inspections M.I.A. in Edmonton

The following article from the Edmonton journal should be a warning to sellers and buyers in the Edmonton area. That’s right, buyers AND sellers…. Sellers who could have been made aware of problems via a buyer’s inspection can face a costly situation down the road; if indeed there are problems the sellers could have disclosed […]

Edmonton Real Estate Market Still Hot

Here is the latest from the Edmonton Real Estate board. Inventory is still very low, demand and number of sales are still very high which leads to increasing prices. When you compare July to June, the rate at which prices are increasing is slightly down, but compared to July of ’05 everything is through the […]

Edmonton Vacancy Rate Plummits while Rents Increase

From the CBC news…. as expected, while the housing market is taking off, rents are going up as well… the average 1-bedroom in Edmonton goes for $650/month now! Edmonton’s apartment vacancy rate has fallen from 4.5 per cent to 1.5 per cent in the past six months, making it tougher to find a place to […]

How Long Will The Edmonton Real Estate Market Stay Hot

You’ve probably heard about the real estate market in Edmonton; if you thought it was hot in the spring, the pot is boiling over now. Alberta is out pacing the rest of the country as prices are rapidly increasing; the average price of an Edmonton home was up 39% in the first half of this […]

House prices soaring high in Strathcona

From the “Sherwood Park News” this article highlights what the Sherwood Park market is doing, as opposed to the Greater Edmonton area as a whole. The president of the Edmonton Real Estate board points out in the article that even though prices are soaring, they are still quite reasonable compared to the rest of the […]

Mortgage Rates Hold Steady, Edmonton Market Sizzles

Some of the info in this article from the Edmonton Sun is old news, but it does put all the bits and pieces into perspective. The Bank of Canada did not raise the “overnight bank rate” this past week for the first time in a while. They think Canada’s inflation rate has begun to slow. […]

Edmonton Real Estate Continues to Set Records

As promised, here is the press release from the Edmonton real estate board. As expected, there are new records all over the place for price and volume of sales. These stats prove exactly what we’ve been experiencing in the market – it is sizzling hot – homes are selling incredibly quickly, and often for over […]

Edmonton Real Estate Bidding Wars

The following article was published in the Edmonton Journal yesterday. It is written by Ron Chalmers. He raises some good points, but misses the mark overall. My comments are in italics throughout the article…. EDMONTON – In today’s tight housing market, many Edmonton homes are attracting multiple offers, some exceeding the list price — which […]

Edmonton loves GST reduction

GST cuts spell good news for homebuyers and sellers When the 2006 Federal Budget was unveiled by the Conservatives, it turned out to be a ‘good news’ budget for most Canadians — and home buyers and sellers were certainly no exception. A reduction in the GST from the present 7% down to 6% will kick […]

Huge Increase in Luxury Home Sales in Edmonton

Here is an interesting report put out by Re/Max. What they’ve done decided what price point makes a home a luxury home in different markets across Canada. In Edmonton that point is $500,000, and in one year the number of homes that have sold over $500,000 has increased by 177 per cent. Here is what […]

Calgary Investors Buying Edmonton Real Estate

This was just posted on In talking to our Calgary couterparts we’ve determined that Edmonton is just starting to experience what Calgary has been going through for the past year or two… this article proves it… exerpts below. Hot market drives Calgary investors to EdmontonCalgary real estate investors are buying up houses, townhomes and […]

Average Edmonton Home Increases in Value $160/day

This interesting article by Neil Waugh of the Edmonton Sun converts the average increase in housing prices in Edmonton to a daily increment. Apparently the average home owner is making $161 a day just sitting in their home! He then talks about the oil and gas industry and what is expected over the next few […]