Tax Impacts of Real Estate Transactions

Disclaimer This article is not intended to be specific advice, it is recommended that you consult with a tax professional about your specific transaction and circumstances. The tax treatment of a real estate transaction is dependent on the circumstances around how that property was used during the period of ownership. This article is intended to […]

Found a property that needs work?

Estimating Edmonton renovation costs before you buy. By Camillo Esposito, Owner of Independent Bath & Renovations: You found a house or a condo in a mature neighbourhood you love but it needs some attention for you to call it home. Established neighbourhoods provide mature trees and landscaping, shopping, a central location and a ton […]

The 5 Best Smart Home Devices for Your Rental Property

We live in the digital age. It seems that everything is getting more intelligent: from phones and TVs to toasters and washing machines. And home devices are part of this technological trend. In this article, Upkeep Media Inc., after successfully working with many property managers, looks at the best smart home devices that attract new […]

Top 3 Reasons to Add a Secondary Suite to Your Property in Edmonton

In August the City of Edmonton updated their Secondary Suite zoning bylaws, making it easier for property owners to add a secondary suite to their property. The city expects to see 500 new legal suites in duplex homes, 600 in row-houses and about 550 in homes on small lots around the city, which has greatly […]

Secondary Suites now Legal in More Property Types in Edmonton

On Monday Edmonton city council unanimously voted to approve changes to zoning bylaws allowing suites in semi-detached, duplex and row housing. There is no longer a minimum lot size requirement for secondary suites, which opens up the opportunity to add suites on smaller lots. They also loosened restrictions on the size and location of secondary […]

City Council to Vote on Secondary Suite Bylaws August 20

On Monday, August 20, City Council will be voting on whether to approve changes to the Zoning Bylaw to make building secondary suites (basement suites) easier in Edmonton. The proposed changes are extensive and would allow secondary suites to built: on small lots in semi-detached, duplex and row housing In addition, the regulations overall are being […]

Condominium Property Act Amendments

Considered long overdue by many, there are changes proposed to the condominium property act in Alberta that may arrive sometime in the not too distant future. We first wrote about the proposed changes on this blog in June, 2011. The government is looking for changes and open houses have been scheduled in the coming months as […]

Why You Should Build a Deck

Building a deck will enhance your outdoor living space by giving you a place to relax, dine, entertain and spend time as a family. Building a deck will increase your own personal enjoyment of your yard and will also enhance the value of your home. Photo credit: Alberta Vinyl Decking & Railing Ltd. Here are […]

Buying a Home With Help From Your Parents

Over the years I’ve been involved in hundreds of sales where parents were helping their kids buy a property, and I’ve seen that “help” come in many different forms. There are some good ways for parents to help their kids by a home, and some things that should definitely be avoided. So, here are my tips for the best ways […]

Housing Forecast Seminar: Live Blog

Today we’re attended the always informative Housing Forecast Seminar put on by the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton. We always get tons of insight on the market and what to expect at the seminar that I’ll be sharing here. James Mabey; Chair, REALTORS® Association of Edmonton Single-family home sales were down 5.4% in 2016 compared to […]

Tips for Saving Money on Your Home Insurance

When you’re buying a home, you’re probably thinking about how to best protect your new investment without breaking the bank. A good home insurance policy will not only protect your home. It will also cover damage to the building, your belongings, and your financial wellbeing, should someone suffer an injury on your property. We spoke […]

Edmonton Secondary, Garage and Garden Suite Grants

Did you know the City of Edmonton offers grants to build secondary suites? The city will match up to $20,000 in money spent upgrading and creating new Secondary Suites in compliance with health and safety standards. This is an excellent incentive for those interested in becoming landlords in Edmonton. There are of course some restrictions: The […]

5 Tips to Make Your Units Stand Out for Top Rent

As demand for condos in Edmonton has been cooling off for the past couple of years and vacancy rates for rental properties rising, property managers need to go the extra mile to fill empty units. Rental spaces don’t just sell themselves, you have to make sure that when prospective tenants come knocking that you’ve done […]

There’s a Ghost in the Room: Do we have to tell anyone?

Do you believe in ghosts? Would you buy a house if you thought it was haunted? What if someone was murdered in the property? What if the former owner was a convicted criminal? The Edmonton Journal posted a great article about stigmatized properties this week that’s definitely worth a read if you’re thinking of buying […]

Legal Suites Coming to Duplexes and Skinny Homes in Edmonton

Many people are not aware that suites in duplexes and townhomes are not legal in Edmonton, and this week City Council voted to prepare the bylaw amendments to allow secondary suites in duplex units and skinny homes. It’s going to take a long time though, don’t expect to see legal suites in duplexes and skinny homes […]

Restrictive Covenants: A Good way to Prevent Skinny Homes?

Last year the City of Edmonton changed zoning by-laws to allow the sub-division of any residential lot that is at least 50′ wide, with the goal of increasing population density in the centre of the city and reducing urban sprawl. Some people were thrilled by the decision while others… well let’s just say they were less […]

2016 Edmonton Real Estate Forecast: Live Blog

Every year, the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton hosts a very informative housing forecast seminar. Today I’m live blogging at the seminar, summarizing the thoughts from each presenter. Steve Sedgwick, Chair, REALTORS® Association of Edmonton We expect to see a continued decline in sales in 2016, but not a dramatic one (single family homes -2.5% year over year and […]

If it Seems Too Good to be True, it Probably is

We’ve all heard the old adage a million times, and it’s particularly true when it comes to real estate. If you see a home that’s priced waaaay below everything else that seems “comparable” on the market, there’s a reason; probably a “very expensive” reason. It’s also true when you see unbelievable claims about investments. I […]

The New Arena Will Bump the Value of Nearby Homes

*Image source: Rogers Place Web Site I found an article in the Calgary Herald this week about the construction of new stadiums, and how they affect real estate values that was very interesting. The article discusses research done by REIN (Real Estate Investment Network). With the new arena (Rogers Place) coming closer to completion every day, this […]

Lots of Real Estate to Choose from in the Greater Edmonton Area in August

Plenty of people are trying to sell real estate in the Greater Edmonton Area with new listings and inventory up substantially over last year. The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton released their monthly report on the market yesterday showing increasing supply, lower demand, and stable prices. I was expecting to see the average residential sale price come […]