Edmonton Real Estate Board: Sales Up 14%

So the Realtor’s Association of Edmonton released their monthly report yesterday emphasizing the strong sales in July (just like we did on Friday!). The official release always fills in a few missing pieces of the puzzle and although it took me a bit longer than usual (we were working until 1am last night) I’ve got […]

Edmonton Real Estate Sales Sizzle While Prices Fizzle

Ok, the preliminary numbers are out from the board. Typically when the actual numbers come out we see some slight differences as the last remaining sales are reported (Realtors have 2 days to report a sale), so I expect the official numbers will show a few more sales, and slightly lower inventory (that is what […]

Edmonton Real Estate Market: Has Inventory Peaked?

The numbers are out for the Edmonton real estate market for June 2008. You may remember back in April we predicted inventory would peak by June and it looks as though it may have peaked in May. The number of new listings in June was down from May by 7% to 3985 which had more […]

Edmonton Real Estate Complete Monthly Stats for May 2008

Prices are stable, sales are seasonally normal, the market is balanced…it’s barely newsworthy. The only thing to talk about is the high inventory and the craziness we saw in the past two years. So, I’ve done some extra charts this week for some added interest. From this chart you can see inventory usually peaks somewhere […]

Edmonton Real Estate Market Remains Balanced

The preliminary numbers for May are out and it looks like the real estate market is still statistically balanced in Edmonton. I have to say though, it doesn’t feel all that balanced. The phones aren’t exactly ringing off the hook. That being said there have been 1820 sales reported so far for May (about the […]

Edmonton Monthly Real Estate Stats Update

So as I mentioned last week when I published the monthly stats, a number of sales would not yet have been reported and the final numbers would look a little different. So, inventory didn’t end up over 11,000 but I’m certain it will this month (final number 10,606) and there were actually 1823 sales. As […]

Edmonton Real Estate Market Balanced

After three consecutive months of a buyer’s market in Edmonton, April saw some balance (barely). The new listings to sale ratio hit 42%, even with almost 4,500 new listings and inventory creeping over 11,000 homes. The steep competition did affect pricing as the average sale price dropped slightly, falling just below last April’s average: As […]

Edmonton Monthly Real Estate Stats – Corrections

As you know, I posted the stats on Tuesday using the new "daily stats" the Edmonton real estate board is putting out. I indicated in my post that I was concerned these "daily stats" won’t match up with the monthly stats and we’d have to wait and see. Well guess what….they don’t match up. I […]

Edmonton Real Estate Market Resilient

The Realtors Association of Edmonton has decided to publish stats daily!!! That means I can get our updates online much faster than in months past and will be able to add new info to our weekly stats. I have some concern that the numbers I post today won’t match their monthly numbers that should come […]

Edmonton Real Estate Prices Rebound in February

I can’t believe it. Average real estate prices in the greater Edmonton area are up, see for yourself: Phew! We’re out of danger, everything in Edmonton is back to normal and prices will continue their upward climb! Lol…ok, maybe not. The news isn’t all good this month, but it is encouraging. First off, while sales […]

Edmonton Real Estate Market Analysis

The monthly stats are out and it’s a mixed bag. Those championing a market crash have to be bitterly disappointed by the results. The average price actually increased slightly: While the above graph doesn’t relay the full story it leans toward suggesting market stability as opposed to dire market circumstances. The increase in the average […]

Prices Catch up to the Market

If you read back over the past few months, you’ll see that Sheldon and I were a bit surprised that prices were holding as strong as they were, given the sheer number of homes for sale in Edmonton. Well, I think the average price has finally caught up with the market. What’s interesting, is that […]

Edmonton Real Estate Market Update: October 2007

Is the pendulum starting to swing the other way? It may be… For the last while we’ve been comparing the market to a pendulum – it swung way over to one side when prices were escalating rapidly in ’06 and the first half of ’07. Then it swung way over to the other side when […]

Edmonton Home Sellers Stand Their Ground

I can’t believe it and I don’t think you will either. Average residential prices in Edmonton remained unchanged in September, unless of course you count a drop of about $500 as change. I know, unbelievable! The press release isn’t out yet so I don’t know what happened with the median price, but here is what […]

Edmonton Real Estate Market Report: August 2007

Good News, Bad News….Feels normal to me The Realtor’s Association of Edmonton posted the monthly results for August this afternoon, before their press release which I assume will come out tomorrow. Needless to say we got the stats here for you as quickly as we could, we’ll post more analysis and the press release from […]

Edmonton Real Estate Market Stats

Ok…the stats have been put up by the board, but no press release yet. I’m not sure what is going on there but the stats are quite something. I’m holding off on any comment on average price until I see the press release, because I want to make sure I’m quoting the correct price. Inventory […]

June Edmonton Real Estate Board Statistics Are Up!

I know everyone is anxiously awaiting these statistics, so here the press release from the board with no analysis or comment….we’ll have that later today and our awesome charts later tonight or tomorrow (as soon as possible). Housing Market Regains Balance From Spike in Listings Edmonton, July 5, 2007:  Residential inventory on the Multiple Listing […]

Coldwell Banker Johnston May Market Update

Catchy title huh? Nothing snoozy about the stats for the month of May though.  The Edmonton Journal leads with "Through the roof" but we’ll give you some objective analysis as well with some graphs that we (Sara) has put together for you. To start with.  The market is more balanced today then yesterday or last […]