What is Home Staging and is it Necessary?

If you’ve recently looked at listing your home or spent any amount of time watching HGTV, you’ve likely heard of home staging, but is it necessary? The short answer is yes. Why Should You Stage Your Home? Staging showcases your home in its very best light, using furniture and decor to highlight your home’s best […]

Spring Cleaning Part 2: Deep Cleaning Your Home

Welcome to the second segment of our three-part Spring Cleaning series: Deep Cleaning. Hopefully, you went through the decluttering with us last week and are now ready to get scrubbing, if not you can check out that post here.  Deep cleaning your whole house can seem daunting at first, but if you break it into […]

Spring Cleaning Part 1: Decluttering Your Home

Spring is in the air! Somehow this muddy and mucky season screams fresh and clean and new. Anyone else curious how the smell of snow-mould is so refreshing? Somehow it works, and with the days getting longer and warmer, we are here for it.  Spring also means time for spring cleaning. Join us for our […]

Top 3 Things to Fix Before You Sell Your Home

You might not notice the wear and tear on your home, but potential buyers will! Make a great first impression by taking care of a few fixes and simple upgrades. Not only will this boost your curb appeal and make your home more attractive on the market, it can also help you get more qualified […]

Organizing the Garage in Zones

Most of the time, few of us actually know where to put and where we have put things in the garage. This makes it even harder to find things after the organizing is done. Implementing specific zones in the garage can make finding your items and tools easier. Here are few ideas and simple steps […]

Cleaning House: Should You Hire a House Cleaner for your Recently Renovated Property?

Photo Credit: Messy Maid Many Edmonton home sellers turn to professional renovations and improvements as a tool to improve their home equity, asking price, interest in the property, and time on the market. While renovations can increase the sticker price and do often draw in buyers that may not have been attracted to a property […]

Interior Design That Helps You Sell Faster

While some people abide by the ’empty canvas’ strategy for showing and selling homes, where rooms are left without furniture and walls remain neutral colors, others are following the lead of hit interior design and real estate TV shows and employing interior design concepts to help attract potential buyers. Why you should care about interior design Critics of interior design argue […]

Landscape to Sell Your Home

Photo credit: Total Touch Contracting Professional landscaping can create a beautiful and functional outdoor living space. If you are planning to sell your home, hiring a landscaper in Edmonton to give your yard a facelift can help you increase your property’s resale value and might even shorten the amount of time your home is on […]

What to Look for When Furniture Shopping

Whether you’re looking to buy fresh furniture for a new home or simply want to replace what you have, furniture shopping is serious business. After all, a good-quality couch or recliner can last 15, 20 or even 30 years. You need to find one comfortable and appealing enough to live happily with over time. In […]

Features That Home Buyers Want in 2016

Buying a home is a big leap, so it is no surprise that buyers can be picky when it comes to their choices. Their desires evolve during the years, alongside their needs, and now a fancy kitchen and hardwood floors are just part of what today’s buyers are looking for. When selling your home, you […]

A Good Coverup: Smart Decor Tricks for Hiding Appliances and Eye-Sores around the House

When you move into a new home or apartment, you don’t get the luxury of creating a blueprint and placing everything in an organized format. Many old houses have inconvenient placement of electrical outlets, water hoses, and other appliances merely because of the way they were designed many years ago. You may not have money […]

The 5 biggest decorating mistakes people make

There are hundreds of mistakes people make every day when decorating and arranging their houses and apartments. It is upsetting when you realise you have just spent lots of time and money to end up being told your décor, arrangement or colours don’t match. Decorating mistakes are very easily made and most of us will […]

How To Organize An Effective Garage Sale: A Practical Guide

Regardless of whether you have already sold your house and want to cut down on your moving expenses or you’re still waiting for your future buyers and want your home to look spick and span, and not cluttered by unnecessary household items, the best way to get rid of any unwanted possession is to organize […]

The Pros of Renovating Your Loft Before You Sell in the Edmonton Market

Lofts in Edmonton are some of the most sought-after and unique pieces of property,and have the tendency – when marketed professionally – to sell rather quickly. If you’re the owner of a loft in Edmonton, and are preparing to sell your space, you might start thinking about a common question: Is it worth it to […]

Top 5 Things to Ignore When Looking for a Home

We stage our listings, because it works. When we’re listing a property it often takes a few weeks from our original meeting with the home owner, for the listing to go online. This is because our stager needs to view the home and make recommendations, the work has to be done, the photos and video […]

Don’t Let Your Dog Bite You Where It Hurts! 5 Ways to De-Pettify Your Home Before You Sell

Whether you realize it or not, you and your pet have probably made substantial changes to your home since you first got it. While some things may be obvious – like the scratch marks Sparky left on the door, or the flowers he dug up from the garden – others might be out of sight […]

What’s Hot in Home Design for 2014? The Best Home Makeovers to Keep You on Trend

Stainless Steel Backsplash 2014 is bringing a number of changes to the home design industry, and that means staying on trend is going to be a lot of fun. Just a few simple changes can breathe new life into familiar spaces. These days, homeowners are more free to explore different interior design trends, with bolder, […]

Quick Tips to Organize your Kitchen

I’ve found a number of pretty neat ideas (pun intended) to better organize your kitchen. Hope you like these ideas as much as I do…   Magnetic primer – who knew? You can now paint your walls magnetic, and this great tip sticks magnetic spice jars from Bed Bath & Beyond onto just about any […]

Top Home Design Trends for 2013

I’ve scoured the design magazines and sites and have come up with this list of top design trends for 2013. In all honesty I look forward to seeing some of these trends in Edmonton showhomes, but there are others that I hope stay in the design magazines. Informal/Natural landscaping – after centuries of taming the […]

Agent vs. Stager, Round 1

Many of our clients have experienced first hand, the benefits of having their home professionally staged. You have to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd, and staging is a proven way to do that. Staging your home is the process of making your home appealing to the broadest spectrum of buyers […]