Miguel Martin, REALTOR®, Associate
REALTOR®, Associate

Miguel Martin

I have lived in multiple countries and always find my way back to Edmonton. Born and raised in the Philippines, my family and I moved to Edmonton when I was just 13 years old. Immigrating to Canada was quite a bit of a culture shock for me. Everything from how to get to school and how people spoke was new and different to me. I learned early on that everyone is unique and how diverse our city really is. I feel very grateful that my parents chose to live in Edmonton. I have also lived in The UK and backpacked Southeast Asia before, finally coming back to Edmonton. 

How I Liv

  • What you Liv for?
    I Liv to see the world.
  • What's your favourite quote?
    "This too, shall pass". Move on from bad experiences and cherish good moments.
  • What's the best vacation you've ever taken?
    A four day yoga retreat at a place called "Suan Sati" just one hour outside Chiang Mai in Thailand.
  • What's your favourite local restaurant?
    A Vietnamese restaurant North of Edmonton called Pho Hoan Pasteur
  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
    Flying. Everything in life would just be more fun.

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