How it is.

This is the spot. No one else’s view of the city looks like this one. The lush firs in the backyard mean you only have to see your neighbours if you want to. The floors are hearty enough to absorb falling tears, the impact of a jump for joy. There is room enough for late-night pacing, the pitter-patter of playing feet. No matter if this is a welcome beginning or a heartbreaking parting, your home holds your story.

And now, it’s time to face the stranger in the room and sign on the dotted line.

How it really is.

Liv offers a fresh perspective to real estate with a new outlook on dotted lines and traditional relationships between agents and homeowners. We take the artifice out of the transaction and the bus bench out of the relationship.

The home-buying and selling experience is about you, and should feel as familiar and safe as your backyard. We believe in making our consumers savvy so they are part of the conversation when it comes to aligning big decisions with the best move.

We are homeowners too, and we stand behind a transparent process. Our interactive online platform helps you to know what questions to ask, and find the home criteria you are looking for, easily. Liv continues to create real-video walk-throughs, and gives you intuitive tools to search your desired neighbourhoods and price range. Our well-known blog invites our clients and other industry leaders into the latest conversations about Edmonton’s home marketplace.

Your home is a living investment in a vibrant, growing, ever-changing community, not a business product or someone’s paycheque. In the same way your condo balcony will never overlook Toronto’s lights or Vancouver’s bridges, the value of your home in Edmonton cannot be determined by blanket statistics and national averages. We make it our business to be the trusted voice to deliver accurate, up-to-date market values in a place you are proud to call home.

When it’s time to give up the growth charts notched into your walls, or find familiar creaky floorboards in new surroundings, Liv is ready for you. We don’t want to be famous, we just want you to Love Where You Liv, and help you make sense of moving in, or moving on. This is how real estate really is.