Keeping Edmonton’s Housing Affordable

We’ve all heard the stats, Edmonton house prices are up over last year more than any other city in Canada. To keep things in perspective, Edmonton’s prices were WAY below the Canadian average a year ago, in a province with low taxes and plenty of jobs. Sometimes a "market correction" means a significant increase in […]

Edmonton Housing Market Forecast, 2007

Today Re/Max released their "Housing Market 2007" report that forecasts what is going to happen in the real estate market. They’ve made lots of predictions, just as many people do. So what I thought I would do is compare what they predicted last year (as reported on this blog) with what actually happened, then look […]

Edmonton buyers line up overnight

Wow, an entire condo complex sold in 6 hours! Imagine waiting in line over night to buy a high-end condo! Like kids waiting in line for New Kids tickets 😉Edmonton buyers line up overnightOct. 14, 2006. 01:00 AM EDMONTON—Edmonton’s red-hot real estate market lured buyers to line up overnight for a chance to pay up […]

Alberta Bubble Watch ’06

Everyone loves to talk about the bubble…at least that’s the way it seems. The following article gives us some information that we already know – that Alberta’s home prices have rapidly increased recently – as well as some other new information. For starters, newly constructed homes are up in price by 12% nationally over the […]

Edmonton Taxes Will go up Less Than House Values

Rumour has it that Edmonton property taxes will go up by about 7% next year. Personally, I think the city should hike them higher. Compared to other cities I’ve lived in the city services are below average, and with the economy the way it is Edmonton should be over delivering, not under delivering…. Here is […]

Edmonton’s Best Real Estate blog

I don’t know if that’s true – in fact thats up to you – but we are pretty sure we are the most visited real estate blog in Edmonton. Pittsburg Homes Daily put together a list of the top 500 real estate blogs in the world and we’re on the list! I’m not sure of […]

Edmonton Real Estate Prices Up 46% in One Year

As promised, here is the complete press release September’s real estate sales statistics in Edmonton. As we already mentioned, prices are still rising, in fact September prices averaged $322,077 for single-family houses, and$278,732 for all homes. Those figures are up 48.8 per per cent and 46.3per cent, respectively, from one year earlier. Number of days […]

Edmonton Real Estate Prices and Supply Up

Every month the Edmonton real estate board releases their statistics for the month. Normally we post those stats here as soon as they are released, but this month they released them to the media before their membership. Here is what the Journal had to say about the stats, when the complete release comes out I’ll […]

Alberta’s Real Estate Industry gets new rules

Just in case you’re wondering this is not long overdue.  The Real Estate Council of Alberta continues to lead North America in its proactive approach to regulating the real estate industry.  Considered the most regulated environment by many for real estate practioners Alberta has once again set the bar for other jurisdictions to follow.  The […]

Downtown Edmonton Economic Report

The following report from Collier’s International shows that there is almost no vacancy for office space across Canada. The "Edmonton" section of the report is below, and discusses a number of the factors currently driving the Edmonton economy and housing market. A very interesting read… DOWNTOWN DYNAMICSDemand for office space has been stronger than expected […]

Another red flag on Alberta’s economy

An article posted today in the Edmonton Sun seems the Toronto Dominons at it again.  A couple of weeks ago, Edmonton was the place to be for the next 25 years, before that Edmonton was on the bubble watch and now it looks like we’re going ot bust.  All I know is I’m getting everything […]

Edmonton economic information

As often as we can we publish relevant economic data and articles about Edmonton and Alberta.  I think its safe to say that one of the best sources for information on Edmonton is the combined website of Economic development and Tourism for Edmonton. is not only a fantastic source for statistical information on Edmonton.  […]

Edmonton transportation

Normally its easy to poke at cities like Calgary and Vancouver where commute times are climbing and range in hours not minutes.  Well the city of Edmonton has finally woken up, smelled some coffee and decided to order half a cup.  Is it half full or half empty, I’ll leave up to you but according […]

Edmonton House Prices to Lead Nation

Today TDFinancial Group released a special report, predicting that the national average of home prices is expected to rise at close to 4% annually over the next 25 years. What a bold prediction! I mean, it’s not like the average Canadian house price hasn’t increased by about that same amount over the last 25 years. […]

Edmonton will stand strong and proud

  Edmonton’s real estate market keeps moving.  Sept 11, 2001 I sat in the west end YMCA stunned by the horrendous sights occurring before my eyes.  Sickened to my stomach and a full schedule ahead of me.  If I did not have numerous previous commitments that day I would have canceled my appointments and wallowed […]

Scotiabank Bets on Edmonton

TD may be watching for a bubble to burst in Edmonton’s housing market, but Scotiabank sees only good things for our future. They are expanding their Edmonton operations saying no collapse is on the horizon – the "long-term trend is up." Here is part of the article from the Edmonton Journal: Scotiabank expands Edmonton operationSeven […]

Waiting for the bubble to burst

Housing bubble in Edmonton…hmmm…A stockmarket analyst’s dream…Then maybe people will swing their money back to thestock market to over pay on price to earnings ratios on stocks and mutual funds,that they as investors have no control over. Is there a bubble here in the city of champions? Prices are certainlygoing up, but in my opinion […]

Edmonton’s “Housing Bubble”

Every few months for the past 6 years someone in the media has screamed the word "housing bubble." Mass fear and panic spreads as countless media outfits jump on the bandwagon and spread the word. And then the stats come out, prices haven’t dropped, sales haven’t slumped and everyone forgets it ever happened. If I […]

City to cut spending

I guess its really no surprise but of course its never a happy day when you know the standard level of service is dropping.  Rising labour and material costs have put other projects on hold which is all part of the balance of how interelated things are.  Hopefully there will be more money for all […]

Edmonton Housing Prices Continue Upward Climb

The Edmonton Real Estate board has just released the market stats for August, 2006. I must say I’m surprised; I thought the increases would not be as big as they are – August set all new records. The average condo now costs over $200,000, and duplex and condo prices are up almost 15% in one […]