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Angela Tassone
REALTOR®, Associate
Angela Tassone
Office: Edmonton Office
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I don’t just sell homes; I educate and empower people to have confidence when buying and selling Residential Real Estate. I’m a critical thinker with a gift for helping others understand the big picture perspective when making the most important purchase in life.

Everyone wants to be heard, especially when it comes to weighing one’s options with regards to their Real Estate Goals. I take the listening aspect of my job to heart; it’s actually one of the most important parts of what I do.

I grew up just outside of Spruce Grove on an acreage, so there’s a big part of me that falls hard for wide-open spaces and Alberta skies. Living out there, I learned to listen to my gut my instincts when it came to where life would take me.

I have enjoyed letting life surprise me. I followed my heart, and after high school, that meant a move to Jasper and then to Australia. I treasure the life I lived in these places.

After moving back to Alberta, I entered into the world of broadcast journalism, by first going to the U of A, and then to SAIT. I worked in television news for a number of years before transitioning into documentary film. This leg of my career took me around the world again and across Canada. It was an incredible opportunity to connect with the beauty and lifestyle of other cultures. I love the world of communication and education and lived it well with this path.

I believe my background in journalism connected me well to real estate. I am a highly critical thinker, always looking for the most information, and the best way to communicate that to those who need it.

Travelling, journalism, and Real Estate have all helped me prioritize listening first. I am very confident in my ability to consult with others on their Real Estate needs because I take time to really listen and understand them before providing my professional opinion. As with journalism, you always have to dig for the full story, similarly, my clients appreciate that I look at a property from every angle when I advise them; structural, legal, location, lifestyle, as well as from an investment standpoint.

I value my personal life being well rounded. I enjoy spending quality time with my invaluable family and friends. I also have an unquenchable thirst for learning and love pursuing new skills and understandings. I approach my current life with joy and excitement; whether it’s learning a new skill, plotting future travel plans, playing board games, practicing yoga, meditating, or doing anything that makes me laugh.

Ultimately, I value honesty very highly. I connect with my clients as a consultant and an educator through the transaction. My job is executed best when I empower them to make the right choices and moves for themselves. I am fortunate to have found a field of work I’m passionate about growing with and helping others through.

How I Liv

I Liv: to grow, it is a central part of who I am; whether it's in my relationships with my loved ones, my knowledge, or my pastimes, I love creating strength in the different parts of my life.

What did you get into trouble for the most as a child?
TALKING and laughing too loud.

What's your favourite restaurant in Edmonton?
I LOVE EATING! Koutouki, Let's Grill, Bua Thai, Colonel Mustard's (RIP), Cafe Amore, D'amore Deli, Acajutla, Mikado, Pho Hoan Pasteur, Padmanadi, Dadeo, and almost anywhere else ;)

What's your dream vacation? OR What's the best vacation you've ever taken?
I really love Hawaii. I could go a million times and be happy. I also used to live in Australia, and I often dream of going back.

What's your favourite quote?
"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." (Leo Tolstoy)

In Our Clients Words

My husband and I really loved to work with Liv Real Estate®, specially with Beverley Hasinoff. She was so candid, looking out for what we wanted, diligent and so helpful in helping us understand all the process as first homeowners. They really follow through and make sure everything is in place. I absolutely recommend them. This is a really professional team.

‐ Gabriela Siade Read More