How to Build a Fence

Building a fence around your property has many benefits. A solid fence is both decorative and practical as it adds visual appeal, security and privacy to your yard. A fence will provide your family with a safe and secluded outdoor living space for entertaining, relaxing, gardening and for your children to play in. An attractive […]

Alberta Building Code Protects New Homes from Radon Gas

What is radon gas? Radon is an invisible, odourless, cancer-causing, radioactive gas that comes from the ground. When inhaled, radon breaks down into radioactive particles, releasing bursts of radioactivity that can cause injury to lung tissue. Exposure to high levels of radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after tobacco smoking. Radon enters […]

Condominium Property Act Amendments

Considered long overdue by many, there are changes proposed to the condominium property act in Alberta that may arrive sometime in the not too distant future. We first wrote about the proposed changes on this blog in June, 2011. The government is looking for changes and open houses have been scheduled in the coming months as […]

Live in Luxury & Convenience with Home Automation

Home automation allows you to control systems in your home with a touch of a button. Where the first home automation systems were controlled only by a central panel, the latest in automation and mobile technology now allows homeowners to control their system from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Home automation in Edmonton […]

Restrictive Covenants: A Good way to Prevent Skinny Homes?

Last year the City of Edmonton changed zoning by-laws to allow the sub-division of any residential lot that is at least 50′ wide, with the goal of increasing population density in the centre of the city and reducing urban sprawl. Some people were thrilled by the decision while others… well let’s just say they were less […]

How to Protect Yourself from Shoddy New Home Construction

A recent article in the Calgary Herald brought up a rather scary situation for some Calgary homeowners. The couple in the article bought a new home, from a builder, and moved in last spring. They decided to move to a new home, on “higher ground” because they were hit by the 2013 floods in Calgary and didn’t […]

How to Achieve Your Dreams with a Custom Home

You’ve owned homes. You’ve lived in them and even loved them, well parts of them. But it’s time to upgrade your surroundings and that means building your dream home. What are your dream home must-haves? Have you thought about what it would be like to have a personal game room or basketball court in your […]

Hard-To-Finance Homes

From time to time we come across properties that are difficult, if not impossible, to finance – even for very well qualified buyers. This is often a source of frustration for home buyers who have great, well-paying jobs, excellent credit, plenty of equity for a down payment and all of their ducks in a row. […]

2015 Design Trends in Edmonton New Home Construction

After years of increase, new home construction has generally slowed throughout Canada. The Financial Post estimates that home building will slow in 2015 by about 30%. However, while other Canadian cities’ real estate prices can make new home construction unattainable, many homebuyers find that Edmonton makes the ideal place to build their dream houses. In […]

Buying a new home? Here’s how to make sure all the work gets done

Construction in Edmonton is booming. Dealing with builders in Edmonton in a market environment like this can be tricky business. As I reflect on my own personal experience there are builders you can trust with a handshake and their word is gold, and then there are others… How do you know you are dealing with […]

BMO Predicts Real Estate Boom in Alberta

 There has been a ton of talk about a recent report from BMO about the housing market in Alberta. “Alberta Bound… For Another Housing Boom” lays out all the reasons we should see a very strong real estate market in Alberta this year. Some of the facts in the report are staggering: Every province in […]

What’s Hot in Home Design for 2014? The Best Home Makeovers to Keep You on Trend

Stainless Steel Backsplash 2014 is bringing a number of changes to the home design industry, and that means staying on trend is going to be a lot of fun. Just a few simple changes can breathe new life into familiar spaces. These days, homeowners are more free to explore different interior design trends, with bolder, […]

Alberta New Home Buyer Protection Act Goes Into Effect Feb. 1

The day is finally here, on February 1 it becomes mandatory for new homes to have a warranty in Alberta. We discussed mandatory new home warranties on the blog last June and provided all the details we had at the time. The basic warranty details are as follows: 1 year labour and materials (fit and finish […]

Luxury Market Taking Off

Luxury Home Luxury homes are in high demand in Edmonton, and the rest of the country according to a survey released by Remax today. Sales of luxury homes increased in 2013 (compared to 2012) as follows: Vancouver 36%, Calgary 34%, Edmonton 32%, Hamilton-Burlington 31%, Kitchener-Waterloo 27%, Toronto 18%.Here is what it looks like on a chart: Edmonton […]

Evolving Infill in Edmonton

The City of Edmonton is undertaking a new project called “Evolving Infill” where they are looking for input from residents to advance residential infill in the city. Infill essentially means new homes, in old neighbourhoods, but it can be taken a step further to mean increasing population density in old neighbourhoods. Photo Source: The […]

Real Estate Market Ploughs Ahead in Edmonton in November

Residential sales in the Greater Edmonton Area real estate market were the highest we’ve seen in the month of November since 2009.  “The Edmonton market continues to perform well with sales up and prices rising,” said RAE President Darrell Cook, in a news release yesterday. With some of the most affordable housing in the country, […]

New Construction Mortgages In Edmonton – FAQs

Building a new home in Edmonton is an appealing option for many considering owning, however, there are questions that need to be addressed before this avenue can be traversed with confidence. Where Can I Build My New Home? Location will be a key determining factor in whether you receive approval to build the home you want. It […]

Credit Repair Is No Way to Refinance Mortgage

If you’ve been turned down for a mortgage refinance, you may be tempted to take a credit repair firm’s offer to fix your credit score. Don’t bite.  How Credit Repairs “Works” Credit repair services promise to raise your credit score so you can refinance your mortgage. Here are some of the claims made by firms […]

Buying From a Builder

I received an email recently from someone who was buying a new home and wanted to be represented by a REALTOR® (this happens fairly often), because they didn’t think the show home attendant was being completely honest with them. When they told her they wanted to be represented by a REALTOR® she responded by saying […]

New Home Warranty to become Mandatory in Alberta

Many people seem to think new home warranties are already mandatory in Alberta, but they’re not. Yet. This is a tough one for me as I have been awfully hard on new home warranty programs, and at the same time, given our economy and state of construction, I certainly don’t recommend buying a new home without […]