We recently gathered virtually for our annual awards night to celebrate our amazing team. Things looked a little different this year, but everything came together for a pretty amazing night. Care packages including a delicious 3-course ready-to-heat meal expertly executed by our friends at Rebel Food & Drink and an exceptional wine pairing (or mocktail kit for those who don't imbibe) among other treats were organized for delivery or pick up. We broke into Zoom 'dining rooms', where we enjoyed our delicious meals and great conversation. Then we celebrated last year's achievements and looked towards what we have planned for 2021. The night also included some friendly competition with a couple of rounds of trivia and ended with some good new-fashioned socializing - even from the comfort of our own homes, some of us managed to stay up far too late chatting. It was great to see everyone and catch up, but we do look forward to being able to be in the same room with everyone again soon. We are so pleased to be able to share our awards season results with you all, and we hope you will join us in congratulating our winners.

But first, what are our awards really about?

While sales awards are still the standard in our industry, we did away with our sales awards back in 2009 and started measuring our customers' satisfaction. As Sheldon Johnston, Owner, Broker always says, “You are what you measure. If you measure sales you are a sales company and if you measure customer satisfaction and focus on your client's satisfaction you are a customer service company.” We pride ourselves on being a customer service-focused brokerage, so it only makes sense that we would celebrate our teams' achievements in that area as well.

Customer Service Excellence

To receive this award, agents must have received at least 8 customer satisfaction surveys in 2020 with an overall customer satisfaction rating above the national average (which is 94%). They are doing an awesome job, and their clients have recognized them for it. It’s worth noting that studies have shown that people's expectations of service have increased over the last few years so this is becoming even more difficult to achieve, which makes the number of agents receiving this award even more impressive. This year we presented 75% of our team with this award. Congratulations to ALL of our Customer Service Excellence Award Recipients: Corey Sylvester, Matt Walker, Cathy Nguyen, Andrea Briscoe, Deidre Harrison, Jeremy Hickey, Darryl Van Eerde, Amanda Gering, Nathan Mol, Tracy Loewer, Nicky Kaufman, Jessie Sahota, Phil Harvey, Sue King, Jonathan Lusok, Beverley Hasinoff, Mauricio Niemeyer, Tonya Brown, Bill Hatton, Tameka Ross, Leanne Leuschen, Nana Asante-Apeatu, Donald Brown, Lindsay Parsons, Kaelyn Kowalchuk, Anisette Gent, Tracey Lueck, Vinh Pham and Bill Bhamra

Top 3 Customer Service Award

This award recognizes the agents with the highest customer satisfaction ratings of the year. Our top customer service award winners all receive praise from their clients for their patience, professionalism, knowledge, and communication. Congratulations to Matt Walker, Corey Sylvester, and Cathy Nguyen.

Five Consecutive Years of Customer Service Excellence Award

As the name suggests, recipients of this award have received the Customer Service Excellence Award 5 years in a row. The 8 Associates receiving this award this year have a lot in common in the way they do business: they maintain a high level of production, bring your A-game daily year after year, and are looked up to by their peers and clients. They’ve established a large client base, generate a lot of business from repeat and referral customers, and continually take care of their very happy clients. Congratulations to Tonya Brown, Nathan Mol, Deidre Harrison, Bill Bhamra, Beverley Hasinoff, Lindsay Parsons, Amanda Gering and Corey Sylvester for achieving 5 consecutive years of customer service excellence!

Team Builder Award

This award is extra special as the winner of this award is nominated and selected by their peers. The team builder award goes to the person that other associates turn to for help. Whether it’s advice, encouragement, or support, this person is there when others need them. Over 2/3 of our team members received votes this year, which is a reflection of how supportive they all are of each other! It’s a rare thing in any work environment to have so many people helping each other out, let alone in a competitive industry. We are so proud of our team and the collaborative environment they have worked so hard to foster. Congratulations to the team member who received the most votes this year, Deidre Harrison! Here are some of the things her peers had to say about her:

I almost always call Dee for advice because she is just that (redacted) smart. - sorry language. Okay. Not sorry.

Dee - Always available to listen and offer encouragement. Ready to lend a hand and willing to share her best practices. Genuinely wants to see others succeed!

I see the most replies to team requests from Dee. She always is happy to help and always has a recommendation ready to go.

Leadership Award

The winner of the leadership award demonstrates leadership through community involvement, continuing education, participation at office meetings, and being a mentor to other agents in the office, all while maintaining a high level of production. This individual has been volunteering in her community for 5 years and serves as the president of Horse Hill Community League. She spends between 10 and 30 hours a week volunteering, depending on the events they have planned. Speaking of events, they’ve grown their community league from 5 events per year to 15 events with at least 500 people in attendance. Over 10,000 people attended their easter parade last year. She helped organize an incredible Christmas event, where 346 kids had one on one zoom calls with Santa, who magically delivered gifts to their front porch to open during the call. After all that, their covid friendly Santa Claus march wound through the streets of 5 neighbourhoods and was featured on the news. She is genuinely interested in helping her community. Congratulations to Kaelyn Kowalchuk for winning this year’s Liv Real Estate Leadership Award!

Lastly, we have our Founder’s Award

This award is given to the person who best exemplifies and promotes our brand values (Innovation, Encouraging, Results-Oriented, Highly Ethical, Fun, Trustworthy, and Professional) during the year while maintaining a high customer satisfaction rating and high production level. The winner of this year’s award is one of the top producing agents in the office, with an exceptional customer satisfaction rating. Her story is truly inspiring. When Covid began, she embodied the thrive not just survive mentality. In May, she did a record number of transactions for any Liv agent not named Sheldon. She had the best month of her career… and she did it with high integrity. However this award isn’t about just one month, it's about the way she helps out people on an ongoing basis. How she is constantly offering advice, her drive to sharpen her skills and improve. Congratulations to Tameka for winning the Liv real estate Founder’s Award for 2020. Congratulations to all of our award winners and a HUGE thank you to everyone at Liv Real Estate for making 2020 such an amazing year despite all of the challenges presented to us in the face of a pandemic. Posted by Liv Real Estate on
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