Whether you’re remodelling to enhance your family’s treasured home for your own enjoyment or to increase resale value, it is bound to be a vast undertaking. To adequately prepare yourself for the project that lies ahead, consider the following common renovation problems and the best solutions to fix them.

Being Caught Off-Guard by Hidden Issues

Sometimes, once the renovation project is underway, problems surface that require further attention, time and money. Be aware of the following issues that could pose extra work during your remodel process:
  • Carpentry – When a floorboard is removed, other surprises often lurk, such as rotten framing or unleveled areas.
  • Glazing on windows is often thin in older homes and can break easily.
  • Asbestos…

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What is radon gas?

Radon is an invisible, odourless, cancer-causing, radioactive gas that comes from the ground. When inhaled, radon breaks down into radioactive particles, releasing bursts of radioactivity that can cause injury to lung tissue. Exposure to high levels of radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after tobacco smoking. Radon enters homes where the house comes into contact with the ground and can accumulate into high levels, posing health risks to the occupants. The health implications of radon exposure depend on both the level and length of exposure, and the risk of developing lung cancer is especially high for smokers. The only way to find out if your home has high radon levels is to have your home tested. A reading of 200…

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There’s nothing like natural light to brighten up your home; that is until the sun’s rays start to highlight all of the dirt, spider webs and fingerprints built up on your windows. Don’t start wishing for clouds and rain just yet, though; we’ve got seven simple tips to keep your screens and window glass clean year-round. Read on, so you too can look forward to sunny days and open windows.

Save Yesterday’s News

This one might come as a surprise, but it turns out yesterday’s newspaper can come in handy when it’s time to wash and dry your windows. A black-and-white sheet of newspaper is sure to give you a streak-free finish! Of course, you could also use a squeegee if you don’t have a paper handy.

Screen Queens

Window screens are vital for keeping the…

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With winter’s last big hurrah finally behind us (cross fingers, knock on wood, say the rosary), homeowners in Edmonton can finally start dreaming about summertime, and planning all the ways they’re going to soak up the few months of warmth we’re about to have. But wait… we’re still in the middle of a global pandemic. Well, that really narrows down the options a bit. I guess it’s safe to say that, for people like myself, our backyards are finally going to receive a little attention. I’d love to sit back there with a cold drink on a hot day without that dead rosebush staring at me from the other end of the yard. And not just that. I want a garden. But not just your run-of-the-mill decorative flower garden with a few herbs (not that there’s anything…

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Disclaimer This article is not intended to be specific advice, it is recommended that you consult with a tax professional about your specific transaction and circumstances. The tax treatment of a real estate transaction is dependent on the circumstances around how that property was used during the period of ownership. This article is intended to provide some clarity on the general rules that guide the treatment of these transactions.

Sales of Principal Residences

A principal residence is a home that you or a member of your family unit regularly inhabited during the period of ownership. If you, or a member of your family unit, lived in a property it is generally exempt from capital gains tax on the appreciation of that property during the period it…

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Winter is a great time to tackle the home renovation projects you’ve been putting off. Here are some reasons why:

It’s a slow time for contractors.

Every trade is different, but for many renovation contractors the winter is a slower time. Therefore, they might have more availability and you won’t have to fight for their time. That means more flexible scheduling and quicker end dates for your home remodel. Because there is less demand for their services, less supply is required. Some contractors might be more willing to negotiate prices on projects when they have less to work on.

Suppliers are clearing last year’s stock.

When it comes to materials, supplies, appliances, furniture and other home renovation materials, retailers could be clearing last…

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Whether you’re looking to turn your unfinished basement into livable space, you’re interested in creating a legal basement suite or you just want to refresh and repurpose a dated basement – there are a few things to consider before you get to picking out paint colours. By doing your homework, finding the right fit and being prepared for the work ahead you have a much better chance of achieving basement bliss - here are our top five tips for an Edmonton basement renovation:

Build Your Budget

Setting aside an appropriate amount of money to complete your renovation project is essential. “$25,000 to $30,000 is what you can expect to spend on a pretty standard basement,” says Ryan DeBruyne of MODE Contracting. “That would include a bathroom, bedroom and…

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Estimating Edmonton renovation costs before you buy.

By Camillo Esposito, Owner of Independent Bath & Renovations: https://www.independentbath.com/ You found a house or a condo in a mature neighbourhood you love but it needs some attention for you to call it home. Established neighbourhoods provide mature trees and landscaping, shopping, a central location and a ton of convenience many people are drawn to. The trade-off is updates and repairs are sometimes required for homes in older neighbourhoods. The challenge becomes, how can remodelling costs be calculated to ensure the combined totals of your mortgage and improvements do not exceed your budget? Ballparking renovations can be a minefield for established contractors as the scope of work is unique…

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We live in the digital age. It seems that everything is getting more intelligent: from phones and TVs to toasters and washing machines. And home devices are part of this technological trend. In this article, Upkeep Media Inc., after successfully working with many property managers, looks at the best smart home devices that attract new tenants and save you money on your rental property.

Why do you need smart home devices?

Smart home devices make life easier both for you and the tenants. There are numerous different products on the market. Some of them are simple gadgets that have only one task. Others are integrated systems offering a futuristic experience of a talking personal assistant. When properly used, smart home devices save time and money while…

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A kitchen renovation can be a massive investment, but it does have a good return. A new, modern kitchen will improve the aesthetics and personal enjoyment of the space. It can also add resale value to your home and improve marketability if you decide to sell. The most expensive part of your kitchen renovation will be the kitchen cabinets. Not only will the cabinets eat up a large portion of the total renovation budget, they also play the biggest role in how your kitchen looks and functions. If you want to renovate the kitchen to sell your home, or to just enjoy it yourself, there is an alternative to an expensive cabinet replacement.

Cabinet painting can save thousands.

Cabinet painting, or cabinet refinishing, is a budget-friendly alternative to…

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