There’s nothing like natural light to brighten up your home; that is until the sun’s rays start to highlight all of the dirt, spider webs and fingerprints built up on your windows. Don’t start wishing for clouds and rain just yet, though; we’ve got seven simple tips to keep your screens and window glass clean year-round. Read on, so you too can look forward to sunny days and open windows.

Save Yesterday’s News

This one might come as a surprise, but it turns out yesterday’s newspaper can come in handy when it’s time to wash and dry your windows. A black-and-white sheet of newspaper is sure to give you a streak-free finish! Of course, you could also use a squeegee if you don’t have a paper handy.

Screen Queens

Window screens are vital for keeping the pesky bugs out and the breeze in when you want to open your windows; they also tend to get super dirty, especially over the winter months or in newer developments where construction is still happening. Fortunately, you don’t have to take them out and scrub them like you might’ve done in the past. Instead, grab your vacuum, stick on the dust-busting brush, and clean your screens from the inside out.

Keep the Spider Webs Away

Are you tired of not wanting to open a window because of spiders that reside between the glass and screen? There’s a super simple way to keep those bugs away! Spring is a perfect time to finally open that window to clear out the webs and vacuum the screen. Afterwards, just spray the corners of the screen where spiders seem to go with a mixture of 8 oz water and 5-10 drops of peppermint essential oil.

Welcome Fresher Air

You just cleaned that window last week, right? So why is it so dirty? It turns out your heating and air-conditioning system, or rather, a dirty filter within it, might be to blame. Try replacing the filter to ensure it cleans pollen, dust, dander, and other free radicals from the air more efficiently. Your windows will stay cleaner for longer, plus you’ll be breathing fresher air. Now that’s a win-win.

Fight Tough Stains

You might live in a hard-water zone, or you might just have an unlucky mix of regular rainfall and metal panes. Regardless, you’ve now got mineral stains and streaks on your windows. One of the best ways to tackle them is with steel wool, which scrubs them away with ease. Alternatively, you could also try gritty cleaning solutions that rub away stains with abrasives that easily rinse away.

Seal the Deal

Don’t forget about your blinds; they count too since they cover your windows. Blinds made of cloth are particularly notorious for collecting unwanted dust. This is another problem that’s no big deal to overcome, thanks to our secret ingredient, Static Guard. Simply spray your blinds down with Static Guard or another spray with similar antiseptic qualities to prevent dust from building up. Make sure you do it right after you clean them to not lock in any lingering dust bunnies. The dusting attachment on your vacuum will help make quick work of this job.

Sill the Deal, Too

Finally, you’ve got to get your windowsills sparkling to complete the picture. This task can be frustrating because your exterior windowsills are clearly exposed to those elements. Help them repel dirt and dust by brushing on a thin layer of floor wax. Voila. You might even find yourself dreaming of a house with even more windows now that you know how to maintain them in a flash. Now, go, enjoy the sun — you’ve got a good view from the inside and out.   Posted by Liv Real Estate on
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