If you’ve recently looked at listing your home or spent any amount of time watching HGTV, you’ve likely heard of home staging, but is it necessary? The short answer is yes.

Why Should You Stage Your Home?

Staging showcases your home in its very best light, using furniture and decor to highlight your home’s best features and minimize its imperfections. This allows potential buyers to see themselves in your home, often leading to a quicker sale at a higher price point. Over time we get so used to how the home functions for us, that we don’t consider if the current function really showcases the layout and flow of the home. We often bring a professional stager to our listings to guide our clients through the process. Edmonton has some really great home…

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Welcome to the second segment of our three-part Spring Cleaning series: Deep Cleaning. Hopefully, you went through the decluttering with us last week and are now ready to get scrubbing, if not you can check out that post here.  Deep cleaning your whole house can seem daunting at first, but if you break it into chunks, it’s not so bad.

Top Tips for a Deep Clean

  • Work systematically, one room at a time. (Bathrooms are an exception, you can treat those as one room - more on that later.) 
  • Start with the biggest jobs / dirtiest rooms first. 
  • Start on the far left and work your way around clockwise.
  • Clean top to bottom - light fixtures, ceiling fans, vents, walls, furniture, floors. 
  • Vacuum everything first. Wiping dust and dirt with a…

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Spring is in the air! Somehow this muddy and mucky season screams fresh and clean and new. Anyone else curious how the smell of snow-mould is so refreshing? Somehow it works, and with the days getting longer and warmer, we are here for it.  Spring also means time for spring cleaning. Join us for our three-part blog series where we dive into the three main components of a good spring clean: Decluttering, Deep Cleaning and a Yard Refresh. We will share all the tips and tricks you need to get your home and yard ready for the new season. 

First up - Decluttering!

(Hot tip - Spring isn’t the only time to do this. We love a good seasonal purge - and always suggest decluttering your home before having your listing photos taken) 

Step 1: Sort


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You might not notice the wear and tear on your home, but potential buyers will! Make a great first impression by taking care of a few fixes and simple upgrades. Not only will this boost your curb appeal and make your home more attractive on the market, it can also help you get more qualified offers and a quicker sale. Photo Credit: Alair Homes Here are the top 3 things to fix before you sell your home.

Give your interior a fresh coat of paint.

Painting your home’s interior is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to give your home a complete upgrade and fresh new look. It will cover stains, blemishes and general wear and tear, making your home look new and inviting. Whether your DIY this project or hire one of the best painters in…

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Most of the time, few of us actually know where to put and where we have put things in the garage. This makes it even harder to find things after the organizing is done. Implementing specific zones in the garage can make finding your items and tools easier. Here are few ideas and simple steps to help take your garage to the next level. Plan the zones. Before starting to organize anything, plan zones specific to your family’s needs. Your garage could have a mudroom zone, beach zone, snow removal zone, etc. This is a wonderful customized plan that is entirely based on what you actually use. Start simple. As with anything, don’t stress yourself out so badly that you lose your taste for organizing. There are so many different ways to organize the garage…

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