Spring is in the air! Somehow this muddy and mucky season screams fresh and clean and new. Anyone else curious how the smell of snow-mould is so refreshing? Somehow it works, and with the days getting longer and warmer, we are here for it.  Spring also means time for spring cleaning. Join us for our three-part blog series where we dive into the three main components of a good spring clean: Decluttering, Deep Cleaning and a Yard Refresh. We will share all the tips and tricks you need to get your home and yard ready for the new season. 

First up - Decluttering!

(Hot tip - Spring isn’t the only time to do this. We love a good seasonal purge - and always suggest decluttering your home before having your listing photos taken) 

Step 1: Sort

Go through all areas of your home and review the contents, dividing them into 4 categories: Keep, Repair, Donate and Toss. If you are decluttering to move, you should also have a 5th category for items you want to keep and bring to your new home, but can live without in the meantime. Packing these items away can help potential buyers see themselves in your home instead of only seeing your belongings.  Keep

  • Keep the things you love, use regularly or that hold sentimental value. 
  • Everything you keep should have a permanent and thoughtful home. 


  • Anything you want to keep, but needs repair. 
  • Have a plan for how these items will be repaired. Will you fix the item? Or do you need to find a professional? 
  • Be honest with yourself. Will you actually repair this item? If the answer is no - then toss it.

Donate / Sell

  • Anything you don’t use that is still in good condition can be donated or sold on your local marketplace. 
  • Taking pictures as you go can help ensure you get the item listed quickly and it doesn’t sit in a bin for ages afterward. 
  • Set goals: For example, sell 5 items a week.
  • Set timelines: If an item doesn’t sell in a certain amount of time (1 month), decrease the price. If it still doesn’t sell, consider whether it should be donated or thrown away. 
  • Consider timing: Winter gear likely won’t sell in the spring/summer. Consider whether it is worth it to hold onto it to sell it in the fall/winter. 


  • Throw away any items that are in poor condition that you can’t or don’t want to repair.
  • This should ideally be done at the time the item breaks, but we are all guilty of hanging onto things past their lifespan; now is the time to get rid of those items.
  • Follow your local waste management guidelines; you may need to plan a trip to the dump or eco station for larger items. 

General Tips

  • Have your garbage bags and bins read to avoid piles that spill into each other. 
  • Be brutal - if you have a hard time letting go of things have a ‘maybe’ bin handy, you can put anything you’re unsure of in it and set a time limit. If you don’t reach for those items in say 1 month, they are good to go to a new home. 
  • Do one room at a time - from start to finish. 
  • Leave no possession untouched - we’re talking: clothes, books, toys, household items, food, medications (prescription and over-the-counter including vitamins), paperwork, bath products and cleaning supplies. 

Step 2: Follow Through

  • Repair, or hire out repairs for those items that need it.
  • Pack up anything to be donated and take it to your donation centre of choice. 
  • List your items to sell. 
  • Take out the trash. 
    • Normal household garbage can go out with your regular service. 
    • Take oversized items or electronics to the appropriate waste management centre. 

Step 3: Enjoy your newly decluttered space! 

Ready to get into deep cleaning? Check out Part 2: Deep Cleaning Your Home 

Does the exterior of your home need some love? Check out Part 3: Exterior Home Cleaning & Maintenance

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