Situated on the North Saskatchewan river, Edmonton, AB, attracts many pests. Mosquitoes are especially prevalent in the area, drawn to humidity and standing water. Another major problem for residents, ants frequently invade homes in the area. Lured into buildings by spilled grease, sweets, meats, and crumbs, Pharaoh ants will nest inside year-round. Carpenter ants are of more concern, though, as these pests will excavate wood to make their nesting site. Finally, carpet beetles hide underneath carpets and baseboards, as well as in dark closets, and can cause serious damage when left unchecked.

Potential Problems Caused by Home Pests

Like any unwanted guest, their presence can be extremely annoying and inconvenient. Beyond that, these pests cause serious damage to homes in Edmonton, leaving homeowners with costly repairs. Carpenter ants, for example, destroy the structural integrity of buildings because they hallow out wood for nests. And while carpet beetles many not necessarily compromise the structural integrity of homes, they destroy any items made with animal fibres such as wool, hair, and feathers. Wardrobes, furniture, rugs, and curtains are typically the victims of carpet beetle mutilation. In addition to property damage, some pests are capable of spreading diseases to humans and pets. Mosquitoes have recently been of concern in neighbouring provinces, as many have been found to carry the West Nile Virus. These blood sucking pests can also transmit the Zika virus and encephalitis.

Controlling Pests in Edmonton

So what can you do about all these nasty and unwanted visitors around your home? The best way to prevent disease-ridden, destructive pests from bothering you is to take away their access to food and shelter. Cleaning up all spills and keeping food in air-tight containers will deter ants. Caulking exterior holes and securing screens over windows and vents will limit the pests' ability to get inside. Because carpet beetles and carpenter ants can be more challenging to detect, you can practice regular inspections and housekeeping. However, no matter what measures are taken, pests are persistent in their pursuits. Because of their ability to infect humans and destroy homes, it is best to let the professionals at Orkin Canada manage all pest-related problems. Posted by Liv Real Estate on
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