A brand new driveway will improve the curb appeal of your home, extend your outdoor living space, increase property value and even help with resale. If you're installing a new driveway for a brand new home or want to replace your current damaged and cracked driveway, there are two main materials to consider: concrete and asphalt. Here are the pros and cons of each.

Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways are aesthetically pleasing and versatile. There are multiple finishes to choose from, including tinted or stamped finish, broom finish or an exposed aggregate finish which gives it that pebble-like look. Whichever finish you choose, the concrete takes several days to cure.  Cold Canadian winters and the freeze-thaw process can cause concrete driveways to crack. Fortunately, concrete can be repaired by concrete contractors in Edmonton. Concrete is easy to shovel snow off of in the winter; homeowners may want to avoid using salt on their concrete driveways as it can create unattractive pits or blotches.  Concrete driveways also retain their shape well in the hot summer months and show less wear and tear over time. Unlike asphalt, the edges are less likely to deteriorate. Concrete driveways are generally more expensive than asphalt, both in installation and repair.    Concrete contractors in Edmonton can install a brand new concrete driveway for your home. 

Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt is made by mixing aggregate with liquid asphalt cement made of petroleum. The aggregates are heated up, mixed with the asphalt cement and then installed on your driveway while it is still hot, then hardens as it cools. Asphalt does well in colder climates since the materials can flex with the freezing and thawing making your asphalt less likely to crack. It is also more porous in nature, meaning water can drain through it more easily. However, asphalt driveways can start to crumble and crack over time, and extreme heat can cause your asphalt driveway to become soft and even deform. Asphalt driveways are less expensive to install than concrete driveways, and do-it-yourselfers repairs can be done more easily on an asphalt driveway using products available at most building supply stores. Just make sure you maintain your asphalt by sealing it within a year of installation and every few years after that. Asphalt sealing products are available at your local building supply store as well. Learn how to seal a driveway.  

Other Considerations

Newer neighbourhoods might have building and appearance regulations that are more likely to accept concrete over asphalt, so it is important you look into that before proceeding with your installation.  Homebuyers might also prefer a concrete driveway over asphalt, so this should be considered if you are upgrading to prepare your home for sale. If you’re looking to install a new driveway this summer, contact one of the concrete contractors in Edmonton listed on RenovationFind.com, your source home renovation in Edmonton. Posted by Liv Real Estate on
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