From creating a space for mindful relaxation, to cultivating your own food, landscaping trends in Edmonton in 2019 are going to be all about getting away from the everyday rush, spending time with loved ones, and getting closer to nature. The outdoor living trend will carry over and grow from 2018, to realize creating unique, exciting ideas that are beautiful additions to your home. Here's what's coming in 2019:

1. Lo-Fi Gardens

The larger the mess, the larger the mess - it's not a concept that’s restricted to the indoors. A messy garden can leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Considering the busy lives we lead, landscapes are moving towards minimalism in 2019. Plant perennials that will return each year and group them according to their watering needs. Talk to a gardener in your community or a local landscaper with expertise choosing plants appropriate for your location and soil type. Consider removing that messy tree that keeps dropping leaves into your pond, and shrubs that don’t provide any ecological benefits. Invest in an irrigation system to tend to your plants while you’re away - smart systems that you can control from your phone are all the epitome of convenience. Choose your hardscaping materials carefully - stones and pavers that don't require attention or repair and contained gravel pathways to minimize ongoing maintenance.

2. Turn Living In Your House Into A Vacation

The demand for gardens to be a respite from the household has been consistent over the years and it is going to stay that way in 2019. Gardeners are coming up with unique ways to create a staycation in the comfort of their own backyard. Thoughtfully designed lighting, quality outdoor furniture, weatherproof speakers, and an outdoor kitchen or fireplace can lend a wonderful, warm ambience to your space. Lighting and warm elements add dimension to outdoor living spaces and turn them into a getaway from our everyday lives. Of course, all these additions should be low maintenance.

3. Turning Backyard Structures into Focal Points

Make sure that the structures present in the garden resonate with a theme, and are central focal points to the entire space. It makes sense to invest in making them beautiful - you'll be seeing them every day. Ensure that these focal points create a comfortable gathering place for everyone. Trends are changing to have cooking and entertainment in outdoor spaces. Salvage materials such as barn wood and iron to create a rustic outdoor fireplace or an outdoor dining pavilion. And if you’re looking for something modern, a screened-in porch or a gazebo can turn your outdoor living space into a viewing area for sporting events or movies.

4. Living Healthy Means Eating Healthy

Growing food is not a new trend. But with the increased awareness about eating healthy, many people are interested in growing healthy, organic veggies in their backyard. You don’t need acres of land to grow food. A compact garden or raised garden bed can yield a surprising amount of food. Consider adding pots along the porch, hanging planters in front of the kitchen window, utilizing a vertical planter to grow herb. Even a simple kitchen garden looks beautiful while leaving fresh herbs at your disposal.

5. Cultivating Private, Secluded Places

Intimate places can be as important as a grand vista. It could be a simple outdoor yoga room, or a place to meditate, a spa-inspired place to rejuvenate after a long day. Your own backyard can be a great place to unwind. Even with limited space, a simple water feature, and arbour or lush greenery can separate a space from the rest of the garden to create a kind of enclosure. You can also employ tall plants to create a screen and evoke a sense of calm.

6. Create Unexpected Delights

Unconventional plants, fruits, sticks, or something lavish like a customized fire pit can create a unique space that not only makes your backyard unique but also gives you something gorgeous and refreshing to admire. Ultimately, you should get outside and feel great about it. Posted by Liv Real Estate on
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