There’s nothing quite like the incredible feeling of finding your dream home, but a dream house can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t know what’s going on behind the walls. That’s why you need to get the electrical systems checked before buying it. A home inspector can inspect many aspects of a home you’re considering purchasing. Here are some things they should include in an electrical inspection:

1. Outlets and Receptacles

Most, if not all, of the outlets in the house should have arc fault or ground fault circuit interrupters. These protect you from electrical shocks and electrical fires.

2. Light Switches and Fixtures

Every switch in your house should connect to either a light fixture or an outlet. Any fixtures or appliances you’re buying with the house should also be inspected to make sure all the wires and connections are up to code.

3. Wiring

Electrical wiring lasts a long time, and unless you’re living in a house that was built pre-1930s, everything should be safely grounded. But never assume that’s the case! You may choose to have the wiring thoroughly inspected by a certified professional. A house’s wiring should be inspected every 4 years anyway, as frayed connections, worn-out insulation, or even rodents can cause damage. Tip: In most cases, it’s not the wiring that’s the problem: it’s the insulation around the wires.  This is something electricians, like the ones at Sun Solar & Electrical Ltd., can check. They’ll be able to give you more information on the state of the house’s wiring and electrical system, which you can then talk over with your real estate agent and lawyer.

4. The Electrical Panel

Electrical panels also last a long time. But it’s important to make sure that the electricity is being distributed safely, and that it’s big enough to handle your demands. For example, will you need to upgrade your electrical panel if you want to renovate or expand the kitchen? Your home inspector will check this out, and can walk you through some options should you need more power - or a new panel altogether.

Make Sure to Ask to See Permits for Any Completed Work

If the house you’re looking to buy has had electrical work done, ask to see the permits and paperwork that went with it. All electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance need to adhere to the Canadian Electrical Code. Posted by Liv Real Estate on
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