Most interior walls are finished with drywall. Because it is a softer material, it can easily be dinged, dented and damaged. Fortunately, minor drywall repair is a DIY job most homeowners can manage. Major drywall projects, however, should be left to the pros. Photo Credit: Dakota Interior Ltd. The first thing you’ll need to do is pick up some supplies. Everything you need can be found at your local building supply store. The most important supply you’ll need is a quality joint compound, also known as drywall mud. Compounds come in different sized containers, but if it’s not a huge repair you won’t need that much. Thankfully, this material can keep for a very long time when sealed properly, so if you buy more than you need, you’ll likely use it again around the house for future repairs. If you’re unsure about which to get, ask the experts at the hardware store. You’ll need a metal straightedge to apply the compound smoothly over the hole in the drywall. Once applied, scrape away the excess mud until it is even with the surface of the wall. Leave the compound to dry overnight. Once it is completely dry, sand it with a drywall hand sander until it is even and flush with the wall surface. Depending on the size of the damage, you might have to do this more than once. If the hole in the wall is too large to fill with compound, you will have to purchase drywall to create a patch. In this case, backing boards will have to be installed to hold the drywall in place and you’ll have use tape before applying the compound around all of the seams. This can get tricky and requires a lot of practice and skill to get right. If you are unsure, you should consider hiring drywall contractors in Calgary to take care of these larger repairs for you. Once the area is properly sanded and dust is cleared away, it is time to paint the wall. Learn more about how to finish drywall.   Posted by Liv Real Estate on
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