Have you noticed a drop in your home’s water pressure? While running multiple plumbing fixtures at the same time could cause you to lose some water pressure, a consistent and constant weakening of pressure could mean there is something wrong with your plumbing. Here are some common causes for low water pressure:

Clogged shower head.

If the water pressure seems weak in the shower, but okay in other parts of the home, it’s probably a problem with your showerhead. Check to see if there are mineral deposits built up on your showerhead and use a vinegar and water solution to clear the blockages. This should improve water flow. Learn how to clean a shower head.

Waterline valves shut off.

Sometimes water valves are accidentally shut off. If the home’s main water valve is closed or partially closed, it could cause a decrease in your water pressure. Make sure that is fully open. If the problem persists, it could mean that the water metre valve is closed for some reason. This valve is located outside of your home and typically only used by city workers when doing maintenance or repairs on the utility. If there has been work done on your neighbourhood’s plumbing lines, it’s possible that this was left off by mistake.

Mineral deposits in older pipes.

Over time, your pipes will become corroded and will start to get mineral build-ups from your water. They can be cleaned, but after a period of several years they will have to be repaired or replaced. It is possible that your water is no longer flowing as freely as it should and that is why you are having issues with water pressure. This could be the problem if you have noticed a slow decrease in pressure over the years. You might not even notice the decrease at all until you go to someone else’s home and see how strong their water pressure is! Call the best plumbers in Calgary to inspect and replace pipes as necessary.

Leaky plumbing.

Low water pressure can be caused by a leak in your plumbing system. Detecting a leak can be challenging since most of your plumbing is hiding in the walls. Try turning off all the water taps in your home and then read the water meter outside. Leave everything off for a couple of hours and then go read the meter again. If you see that water is still being used, it means you have a leak somewhere and should call a plumber right away. Learn more about your home’s plumbing system by reading more articles about plumbers. Posted by Liv Real Estate on
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