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"America really lost jobs like Canada"

America gained 266K jobs, while Canada lost 71K (an unusually large number).

Posted by Ed on Friday, December 6th, 2019 at 2:19am

This is where the Bank of Canada starts cutting rates with Poloz the guy who cut the rates twice in 2015 twice for nothing and mortgage rates will follow. We all got a laugh today with the American unemployment report as America really lost jobs like Canada but the December 15th deadline with China is looming. Trump had to make China look bad and America look good right before the deadline. Renters will be paying triple what owners pay soon enough as mortgage rates crumble in Canada.

Posted by Tony on Friday, December 6th, 2019 at 6:36am

Trump reduced Tax for years while Canada increased so............

Posted by leslie on Saturday, December 7th, 2019 at 2:33am

Turdeau'a plan is working.
18,000 more jobs lost in Alberta last month.

Posted by GM on Saturday, December 7th, 2019 at 5:25am

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