This week‘s Liv Cafe had an extra celebratory feeling as we acknowledged our Liv Agents for their incredible work and announced our 2021 Liv Award Winners. Please join us in congratulating all of our winners this year. 

First, what are our awards really about?

While sales awards are still the standard in our industry, we did away with our sales awards back in 2009 and started measuring our customers' satisfaction. Broker, Owner, Sheldon Johnston firmly believes, “You are what you measure. If you measure sales, you are a sales company, and if you measure customer satisfaction and focus on your client's satisfaction, you are a customer service company.” We pride ourselves on being a customer service-focused brokerage, so it only makes sense that we would celebrate our teams' achievements in that area as well.

Customer Service Excellence

To receive this award, agents must have received at least 9 customer satisfaction surveys in 2021 with an overall customer satisfaction rating above the national average (94%). They are doing an amazing job, and their clients have recognized them for it. Congratulations to ALL of our Customer Service Excellence Award Recipients: Cathy Nguyen, Corey Sylvester, Edward Greiner, Andrea Briscoe, Deidre Harrison, Jeremy Hickey, Darryl Van Eerde, Amanda Gering, Nathan Mol, Tracy Loewer, Nicky Kaufman, Jessica Tanner, Selena Atkinson, Sue King, Jonathan Lusok, Beverley Hasinoff, Mauricio Niemeyer, Tonya Brown, Bill Hatton, Tameka Ross, Leanne Leuschen, Nana, Asante-Apeatu, Donald Brown, Lindsay Parsons, Kaelyn Kowalchuk, Anisette Gent, Kory Mobey, Vinh Pham, Bill Bhamra and Richard Widynowski.

Top 3 Customer Service Award

This award recognizes the agents with the highest customer satisfaction ratings of the year. Our top customer service award winners all receive praise from their clients for their patience, professionalism, knowledge, and communication. Congratulations to Kory Mobey, Beverley Hasinoff and Cathy Nguyen.

Five Consecutive Years of Customer Service Excellence Award

As the name suggests, recipients of this award have received the Customer Service Excellence Award 5 years in a row. The 9 Associates receiving this award this year have a lot in common in the way they do business: they maintain a high level of production, bring their A-game daily year after year, and are looked up to by their peers and clients. They’ve established a large client base, generate a lot of business from repeat and referral customers, and continually take care of their very happy clients. Congratulations to Tonya Brown, Nathan Mol, Deidre Harrison, Bill Bhamra, Beverley Hasinoff, Lindsay Parsons, Amanda Gering, Corey Sylvester and Leanne Leuschen for achieving 5 consecutive years of customer service excellence!

Liv Rookie Award

Our very first Liv Rookie Award winner, Selena Atkinson’s, success this past year is not a surprise to us, nor is it a mystery, and it certainly deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated. Over the last year, she has kept in constant communication with our client service manager about her availability, including when she feels she has a little extra gas in her tank and can take on a little bit more.  Her response time is always fast and consistent.  She keeps things simple and doesn’t overcomplicate the process; she simply responds to people when they ask for things and shows up when requested. She isn’t getting lost in the minutia of this Real Estate Game; she simply puts in the hard work.  Congratulations, Selena, on your continued success!

Team Builder Award

This award is extra special as the winner of this award is nominated and selected by their peers. The team builder award goes to the person other associates turn to for help. Whether it’s advice, encouragement, or support, this person is there when others need them. It’s a rare thing in any work environment to have so many people helping each other out, let alone in a competitive industry. We are so proud of our team and the collaborative environment they have worked so hard to foster. Congratulations to the team member who received the most votes this year (and is a 5-time winner of this award), Nathan Mol! 

Here are a few things our agents had to say about the Team Builder Award candidates: 

Lastly, we have our Founder’s Award

This award is given to the person who best exemplifies and promotes our brand values (Innovation, Encouraging, Results-Oriented, Highly Ethical, Fun, Trustworthy, and Professional) during the year while maintaining a high customer satisfaction rating and high production level. The winner of this year’s Founder’s Award has been with Liv since before we were Liv, and it’s no surprise that he exemplifies our values since he was part of the conversations when setting them up. Congratulations, Nathan Mol!  

Congratulations to all of our award winners and a HUGE thank you to everyone at Liv Real Estate for making 2021 such an amazing year.

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