As the vibrant colours of summer start to transition into the rich, warm hues of fall in Edmonton, it's time to ensure that your home is ready for the changing season. Fall is a beautiful time in our city, but it also comes with specific home maintenance tasks to keep your property in top shape. At Liv Real Estate®, we understand the importance of taking care of your investment, so here's a guide to help you prepare your Edmonton home for the changing seasons.


1. Check the Roof and Gutters for Damage
Inspect your roof for any loose or damaged shingles. Ensure that gutters are securely attached and clear of debris to prevent ice dams.

2. Clean Gutters and Downspouts
Fallen leaves can clog your gutters, leading to potential water damage. Clean them out to ensure proper drainage. Also, consider installing gutter guards to make maintenance easier in the future.

3. Trim Trees and Shrubs & Prepare Your Lawn
Trimming trees and shrubs in the fall helps prevent damage from heavy snowfall and ice during winter. It also keeps your property looking tidy. Fertilize and aerate your lawn in the fall to promote healthy growth in the spring. Rake and remove leaves to prevent suffocating the grass.

4. Clean and Store Outdoor Furniture
Properly storing your outdoor furniture for the winter will help keep it looking fresh summer after summer. Prepare your outdoor furniture for winter storage by cleaning and drying them thoroughly. Then, store them in a dry, protected area or cover them with weather-resistant covers.

5. Drain Outdoor Faucets and Sprinkler Systems, and Store Garden Hoses
Freezing temperatures can cause pipes to burst. Drain and shut off outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems to prevent damage. Disconnect, drain, and store garden hoses and shut off outdoor water valves to prevent freezing and potential pipe damage.

6. Turn Off and Cover Air Conditioning Units
Accidentally turning your a/c on in winter months can cause serious damage to your unit. To prevent this and help keep your A/C unit in tip-top shape, it's important to shut off your a/c unit at the source. Most units have a power switch, but we also suggest flipping the breaker as a backup. Once the power switch has been turned off, it's time to cover your unit with a weather-resistant cover. 

Bonus tip - while you're up on a ladder inspecting your roof and cleaning your gutters, this is a great time to hang your Christmas lights. Then, you won't have to worry about getting back up there before snowfall or hanging lights in 40 below.


1. Update Thermostat and Humidifier Settings
Turn off your A/C unit from the inside and update your thermostat settings for the cooler months to come. Update your humidifier settings according to the instructions on the unit. This is usually between 20%-40% humidity, but each home and family will have different requirements. 

2. Seal Gaps and Cracks
Check doors and windows for gaps and cracks that can let cold air in and warm air out. Caulk or weatherstrip as needed to improve energy efficiency.

3. Inspect and Service Your Heating System
Having your heating system inspected by a professional before temperatures drop is a good idea, especially if you have an older furnace. They will help ensure that your furnace or heat pump is working efficiently to keep your home warm during the colder months.

4. Inspect and Service Your Fireplace
If you have a wood-burning fireplace, have it cleaned and inspected. Gas fireplaces should also be checked to ensure they are functioning correctly.

5. Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Fall is an excellent time to replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Test them to ensure they are in proper working condition to keep your family safe.

6. Clean Dryer Vents
Lint buildup in dryer vents is a fire hazard. Get outside and clean the exterior dryer vent while the weather is nice to keep your home safe and improve dryer efficiency. Don't forget to clean the indoor vents as well.

By following these fall maintenance tasks, you'll keep your home and yard in great condition and ensure a cozy and comfortable space to enjoy during the colder months.

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