Last week Sheldon and Sara were joined by two amazing Liv agents for a Facebook Live to discuss multiple offer situations. Deidre Harrison and Tonya Brown have helped many clients successfully navigate through multiple offer situations and they shared their strategies with us. Check out the replay here and read on for more details in the blog post below.

Why are multiple offers are such a hot topic right now?

Multiple offers arise when inventory is low and demand is high, which is what we are experiencing right now, particularly for single-family homes in the $350,00-$500,000 range.

Top strategies for standing out from other offers


Have all financing pre-approved and a letter from the lender stating this. Be careful what you…

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Sheldon and Sara were recently joined for a Facebook Live by some of Liv’s resident experts on purchasing and living in a rural home. Tameka Ross, Lindsay Parsons and Allison Meston all had amazing information to share, and we’ve compiled it all into the blog post below. Watch the replay here:   Covid has seriously impacted the real estate market from a huge drop last march to a completely unexpected surge this spring.  The biggest trend over the last 10 months has been the desire for more space and along with that, there has been a huge growth in sales of rural properties. 

Reasons people have been making the move:

[caption id="attachment_8379" align="alignright" width="241"] Allison's family enjoying the outdoors on their…

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Welcome to the second segment of our three-part Spring Cleaning series: Deep Cleaning. Hopefully, you went through the decluttering with us last week and are now ready to get scrubbing, if not you can check out that post here.  Deep cleaning your whole house can seem daunting at first, but if you break it into chunks, it’s not so bad.

Top Tips for a Deep Clean

  • Work systematically, one room at a time. (Bathrooms are an exception, you can treat those as one room - more on that later.) 
  • Start with the biggest jobs / dirtiest rooms first. 
  • Start on the far left and work your way around clockwise.
  • Clean top to bottom - light fixtures, ceiling fans, vents, walls, furniture, floors. 
  • Vacuum everything first. Wiping dust and dirt with a…

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Spring is in the air! Somehow this muddy and mucky season screams fresh and clean and new. Anyone else curious how the smell of snow-mould is so refreshing? Somehow it works, and with the days getting longer and warmer, we are here for it.  Spring also means time for spring cleaning. Join us for our three-part blog series where we dive into the three main components of a good spring clean: Decluttering, Deep Cleaning and a Yard Refresh. We will share all the tips and tricks you need to get your home and yard ready for the new season. 

First up - Decluttering!

(Hot tip - Spring isn’t the only time to do this. We love a good seasonal purge - and always suggest decluttering your home before having your listing photos taken) 

Step 1: Sort


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It's not broken, we just moved your cheese. It's been just over five years since we've done any major updates to our very popular home search website Last time, on December 15, 2015, we had about 5,500 user sessions a day. Lately, we've been averaging about 17,000 user sessions a day. The most traffic we ever saw in one day was 19,803 user sessions on June 30, 2020. So why change things? Especially when we know people love the site, and people hate change. 66% of our traffic is on a mobile device, and the mobile experience on our new site is far superior to the old one. Our new site has been designed "mobile-first" so it works as well on a phone as it does on a desktop. It's designed for speed, and it has a beautiful map-based…

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We recently gathered virtually for our annual awards night to celebrate our amazing team. Things looked a little different this year, but everything came together for a pretty amazing night. Care packages including a delicious 3-course ready-to-heat meal expertly executed by our friends at Rebel Food & Drink and an exceptional wine pairing (or mocktail kit for those who don't imbibe) among other treats were organized for delivery or pick up. We broke into Zoom 'dining rooms', where we enjoyed our delicious meals and great conversation. Then we celebrated last year's achievements and looked towards what we have planned for 2021. The night also included some friendly competition with a couple of rounds of trivia and ended with some good new-fashioned…

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Week 10 Update:

Welcome to the final week of our Luv Local Eats $10K Giveaway! We've given away $9,000 dollars in gift cards from 9 different local restaurants to 90 amazing people. We are so grateful for the positive response to this giveaway and for all of the nominations you have shared. For the 10th and final week of the Luv Local Eats Giveaway, we have 10, $100 Gift cards to Continental Treat Fine Bistro up for grabs. Continental Treat is a family affair, as three generations of the Borówka Family work together to bring their romantic turn of the century dining vision to life in the downtown / Whyte Avenue area. Please share this giveaway with your friends and family, tag your nominations and tell us and them why in the comments section and help…

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Buyers almost always include a home inspection condition when they make an offer on a house. The purpose of a home inspection is for the buyer to have a clear picture of what they're buying, so they are aware of the home's condition and get a good idea of what expenses they will face for maintenance and repairs. Buyers shouldn't expect any property to be perfect, and they shouldn't look at the home inspection as a re-negotiation tool. Still, in some cases, they will ask for concessions from the seller based on the inspection report. According to this American study, 29% of sellers either make minor repairs or reduce the sale price to close the deal.

Home Inspection FAQs:

What is a home inspection? 

A home inspection is an opinion provided by a…

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Good morning! The REALTORS® Forecast is back and I'm liveblogging the event. Things moved really quickly so I've edited the disaster I created during the event. The forecast takes place every year and features guest speakers who give forecasts on the local, national and global economy. There always seems to be a blizzard during the forecast, so luckily this year I got to attend from the comfort of home. I am thoroughly enjoying the snowstorm now taking place outside my windows.

Benjamin Tal, Deputy Chief Economist CIBC Capital Markets

The recession we're seeing as a result of COVID-19 is primarily a "service industry" recession, which suggests when the turnaround comes, it will come quickly, because the demand for services will be extremely high, and…

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Consumer Choice Award results are in! Much like everything else, they looked a little bit different this year without the gala. While we missed celebrating with our team, we are honoured to receive the Consumer Choice Award for Real Estate Broker Residential in Edmonton and Northern Alberta Area for the 2nd year in a row. The Consumer Choice Award was established with the sole purpose of recognizing business excellence in small and medium businesses across Canada. Businesses that are chosen by you, the consumer, based on their merit and reputation within their communities through an in-depth and unbiased process. Receiving this award is a true honour; it affirms that we have achieved our goal of providing outstanding customer service and that we…

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