We recently held our first (of hopefully many) Liv Better Days and celebrated our annual awards in person for the first time since Covid locked us down.

Our amazing culture here at Liv Real Estate® is not something we take for granted. The bonds and camaraderie among our people and the support and encouragement they provide to one another daily is so special and unique. It is something that has been built one good deed at a time, and all their efforts have contributed to our culture of collaboration, inclusivity, diversity and success. It reinforces what we have believed: YOU win by helping others. The work we do every day makes a difference in the lives of so many people. Our agents bring joy and happiness to families and help make their dreams a reality while protecting and guiding them.

These awards serve as a goal marker for our Agents and indicate that they have the qualities to be successful in this business. It reinforces the habits and skills they need to develop to maintain and grow their businesses. We are true believers in the saying, "You are what you measure." If you measure sales, you’re a salesperson. If you measure customer satisfaction, you are focused on your client’s satisfaction and therefore building a relationship-based business. 

Customer Service Excellence Award

Winners must have received at least 9 customer satisfaction surveys in 2022. Their overall customer satisfaction rating must be above the national average of 94%. These people are doing an excellent job, and their clients are recognizing them for it. 86% of the agents that were with us for at least 6 months last year received this award. Simply Amazing! This year’s winners took home an award certificate and a beautiful print by a local artist that shows all the neighbourhoods in Edmonton.

Congratulations to Tonya Brown, Kory Mobey, Edward Grover, Alison Dowdall, Amanda Gering, Amber Reed, Andrea Briscoe, Beverley Hasinoff, Bill Bhamra, Bill Hatton, Cathy Nguyen, Darryl Van Eerde, Deidre Harrison, Deepak Arora, Edward Greiner, Erin Wagstaff, Jeremy Hickey, Jessica Tanner, Jonathan Lusok, Julia Rau, Leanne Leuschen, Lindsay Parsons, Mauricio Niemeyer, Michelle Gredling, Nana Asante-Apeatu, Nathan Mol, Selena Atkinson, Sue King, Tameka Ross, Tracy Loewer and Vinh Pham!

Top 3 Customer Service

Tonya Brown, Edward Grover and Kory Mobey received the highest ratings from their clients. Edward is in our top 3 in his first year with Liv! Kory was in our top three for the second year in a row, and Tonya has been in the top 3 on three previous occasions! Tonya, Kory and Edward all receive praise from their clients for their patience, professionalism, knowledge, and communication. They are killing it when it comes to delivering what their clients want.

Five Consecutive Years of Customer Service Excellence

This is the most difficult award in our company to achieve. The 8 agents who received this award have a lot in common in the way they do business: They maintain a high level of production, bring their A-game on a daily basis year after year, and their peers look up to them. They’ve established a large client base, generate a lot of business from repeat and referral customers, and continually take care of their very happy clients. And most importantly, they’ve all received the Customer Service Excellence Award for at least 5 years in a row.

Congratulations to Tonya Brown, Lindsay Parsons, Deidre Harrison, Amanda GeringBill BhamraLeanne Leuschen, Nathan Mol, and Beverley Hasinoff!

Liv Rookie Award

The Liv Rookie Award goes to an agent that is new to Liv Real Estate® that has made a positive impact during their short tenure while maintaining a high customer satisfaction rating and a high level of production. This year’s winner has brought a lot of energy and passion to our community. She has made friendships with many and received the second most votes for the team builder award in her first year in the business - a first for a newcomer to our company! Not only does she get involved with a lot of fundraising efforts and charities her passion and energy ended up bringing a lot of us out to the coldest night of the year walk for the Bissel center. She was recruited by the Realtors Community Foundation in her first year due to her passion for charitable giving. She is also on our brand new good deeds committee. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her future is bright.

Congratulations to Alison Dowdall, our rookie of the year!

Here is what some of her peers had to say about Alison in our team builder survey:

“Alison always offers to take showings or home inspections for others or help in any way readily available.”

“Alison's bubbly personality brings people together, and she makes an effort to talk to every person in the brokerage to make them feel comfortable and included."

"I know I can always ask Alison questions and have informative, critical-thinking conversations. I also know there are others in the brokerage who reach out and ask her questions. If she doesn't know the answer, her determination to find out is admirable.”

Leadership Award

What makes a leader? "Leadership is not about being in charge. It's about taking care of those in your charge." - Simon Sinek. The winner of the leadership award demonstrates leadership through community involvement, continuing education, participation at office meetings, and being a mentor to other agents in the office, all while maintaining a high level of production.

The recipient of this year's Leadership Award certainly embodied that this year as she became not only a mentor to a new agent for the first time, she became a Mentor to many. Since she came to us, she has embodied a can-do attitude and a desire to improve those around her. A single mother of 3 who had every excuse to say she was too busy, she has spent many selfless hours encouraging her peers and training many of them on our CRM.

Congratulations, Stevi Lashley.

Team Builder Award

Selected by their peers, the team builder award goes to the person that other associates turn to for help. Whether it’s advice, encouragement, or support, this person is there when others need them. Here are a few things they had to say about each other:

"Nana has always been someone you can depend on if you need any assistance."

"In the few in-person team meetings that I've attended, I've observed these agents offer their help to myself and others. They have also shared their unique ideas to help other agents build and grow their business. Whether that was website tips, paragon, cloud CMA, all the tech things... they were happy to share what works for them."

"Amanda is always ready and willing to help me with any of my inquiries and I know she'd do the same for anyone who calls her."

"Jonathan has held many lunches where we brainstorm and share templates."

"Selena is the first person I call when I have a question that needs more than just an answer but an explanation in full detail and I know she does/would share her knowledge with any agent who calls her."

"I feel everyone on our team deserves this award."

"Michelle is always willing to lend a hand with everything and does it with a smile. Whether it's coverage during days off, perspective on CMA or just general support she's always wonderful."

"Julia has been an amazing colleague and friend. She is always available when I need help or advice. She has an incredible knowledge of the industry despite being new to the industry."

"Many agents in the office speak highly about Nana and his willingness to help others."

"Leanne is my go-to, she always has the best advice to keep out of trouble."

"Lindsay is always quick to answer questions with great contacts and is always ready to help."

"Matt always has great energy and is so positive."

"Nana recently gave me some of the best advice I have ever been given. Like Oprah's “aha” moment advice! He said, “perfection can be spelt paralysis…if you want to be perfect you can become paralyzed in the process. Nana truly has become a leader in the industry and is someone I will be going to for future advice. I am very proud of him for all he has accomplished, and I’m excited to continue to watch Nana grow in this industry. He’s going to do amazing things!"

It’s a rare thing in any work environment to have so many people helping each other out, let alone in a competitive industry! The team member who received the most votes this year was Nana.

Congratulations, Nana Asante-Apeatu

Founder’s Award

This award goes to the person who best exemplifies and promotes our brand values throughout the year while maintaining a high customer satisfaction rating and production level. Our brand values are that we are: Leaders, Fun, Inclusive, Visionary, and Exceptional. The winner of this year’s award is one of the top-producing agents in the office, with an exceptional customer satisfaction rating.

The winner of this award is someone who truly embodies our values and goes above and beyond to make a positive impact in the lives of those around them. They understand that true success comes not only from individual achievement but from lifting others up. They have consistently and successfully mentored a number of new agents. They have helped others achieve their goals and overcome obstacles while remaining extremely humble and gracious. Their commitment to serving others has made a real difference in our community for a long time, and we are honoured to recognize their efforts. Here is what their peers had to say about them:

"She’s an exceptional mentor. She’s always on! She’s positive, encouraging, incredibly smart and great at her job. I’ve been so fortunate to learn and grow from working alongside her. Thank you isn’t enough!”

“She is one of the kindest, most patient people I have met. She is always available to lean on for advice and help.”

Congratulations, Andrea Briscoe, on this well-deserved and overdue recognition.

We are so grateful to each and every one of our agents for being a part of our company. A company that has won the Consumers Choice Award four years in a row. It is a remarkable achievement and a testament to the exceptional work that they all do.

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